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Marc Chandler has been covering the global capital markets in one fashion or another for more than 25 years, working at economic consulting firms and global investment banks.

Chandler attended North Central College for undergraduate work, where he majored in political science and the ... more

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Rare Earths May Provide Leverage
Many American observers argue that the trade imbalance gives the US an advantage in a trade war with China.
Equities Find Some Traction While The Dollar Firms
Equities are paring some of their recent losses. The MSCI Asia Pacific Index is posting its first back-to-back gain in a month, led by a more than 1% rally in China.
End Of Tariff Truce Spurs Over Correction
The S&P 500 recorded a key reversal on May 1, and the end of the tariff truce ensured follow-through selling. With today's early losses, it is off nearly 3.5% this month.
Politics Overshadows Economics Today, But Japan's Economy Unexpectedly Expanded In Q1
Encouraged by the election results, investors bid up Indian and Australian currencies and equities.
The Dollar Remains The Least Ugly
Neither trade tensions nor perceptions that the probability of Fed rate cuts were able to derail the mighty dollar, which rose against all currencies but the Swiss franc among the majors and the Russian ruble among the emerging market currencies.
The Week Ahead Featuring The Battle For 7.0
There are short-run and longer-term consequences of the strategic objective is to integrate China into the world economy. Most immediately, volatility in the equities has risen, which is associated with falling stock prices.
China Questions US Sincerity
Since the presidential tweets on May 3, the US had the initiative in the negotiations with China, but today, China has pushed back.
US Struggles To Strike A Less Strident Tone
Retail sales and industrial production disappointed in both the US and China prior to the end of the tariff truce, declared by the US in a series of presidential tweets on May 5.
The Thumbnail Sketch Of The Euro You Are Looking For
An overview of the broad macro considerations for the euro, with some thoughts about the price action, including volatility.
Angst Continues
Disappointing Chinese April data spurred speculation that more stimulus will be forthcoming and bolsters hopes that a trade deal with the US by the end of next month helped Asian Pacific equities advance for the first time this week.
Why China Finds It Difficult To Weaponize The Yuan And US Treasuries
The point is not that China cannot sell its Treasury holding or that it cannot devalue the yuan. The point that has already been explored, arguably ad nauseam, is that the costs are too high.
Too Weak To Muster Much Of A Turnaround Tuesday, Markets See Small Reprieve
President Trump's willingness to meet China's Xi at the G20 meeting at the end of next month and his "feeling" that an agreement will still be found seemed sufficient to break the momentum that had swept through the capital market.
Investors Still Looking For New Balance
The end of the tariff truce between the US and China has discombobulated investors.
Dollar Correction May Continue, But S&P 500 Posts Key Upside Reversal
In the wake of the May 5 tweets that signaled the end of the tariff truce, the dollar was mixed, with a heavier bias. The strongest currencies were the Japanese yen (~1.0%) and Swiss franc (~0.45%).
EC Trade, The Dollar, And The Week Ahead
Trade conflict with China can do what all the moral suasion and chest-thumping could not do, and that is to prod the Fed into cutting rates.
Waiting For The Other Shoe To Drop
Contrary to hopes and expectations, the US made good on the presidential tweet and raised the tariff on around $200 bln of Chinese goods from 10% to 25%.
1 to 16 of 2998 Posts
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