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Marc Chandler has been covering the global capital markets in one fashion or another for more than 25 years, working at economic consulting firms and global investment banks.

Chandler attended North Central College for undergraduate work, where he majored in political science and the ... more

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US-China Trade And Brexit Dominate Ahead Of FOMC Minutes
The US dollar is narrowly mixed against the major currencies, but the strongest currency today is the Chinese yuan, following reports that US wants China to keep the yuan stable and not offset US tariffs with currency depreciation.
Investors Need Fresh Incentives
Activity in the global capital markets is subdued as investors await fresh developments. New wording for the Irish backstop apparently is being drafted. US-China trade talks resume.
Dollar Drifts Lower
In quiet turnover, the US dollar slipped lower against most of the major currencies to start the new week.
Dollar Bulls May Turn Cautious
While we expect that the broad economic and monetary divergence will allow the dollar's uptrend to resume, more immediately we have been expecting the recent ranges to remain intact.
Drivers, While Marking Time
The main issues for investors have not changed. There are three dominant ones: Trade, growth, and Brexit. Unfortunately, there won’t be any closure in the week ahead, and that may make short-term participants reluctant to turn more aggressive.
Equities Stall While Greenback Remains Firm
The S&P 500 snapped a four-day advance yesterday, and equities in the Asia Pacific followed suit. All the markets in the region were lower but in Australia.
EC QT Is Not The Opposite Of QE
The Federal Reserve has long been clear on the sequence of events as it innovated the playbook during the Great Financial Crisis.
Dollar Buying Pressure Subsides
The Dollar Index's eight-day advance is in jeopardy. Although the greenback recorded new highs against some major currencies, the momentum appears to be stalling.
Dollar Starts New Week On Firm Note
Lifted by the re-opening of Chinese markets after the week-long Lunar New Year holiday, global equities are trading firmer.
Dollar Outlook: Almost There
The US dollar rose against all the major currencies last week.
EC Little Resolution In The Week Ahead
Besides Brexit and trade, a third issue that will remain unresolved in the days ahead is the state of the global economy.
Noise Or Signal?
The US economy has slowed, and even if the US government shutdown and poor weather sap growth in Q1, a recession is still not the most likely scenario.
Dollar Index Seven-Day Advance Is The Longest In Two Years
As North American traders return to their posts to put the finishing touches on the week's activity, the Dollar Index is extending its advance for a seventh consecutive session.
Dollar's Gains Extended
The five-day advance of the S&P 500 stalled yesterday and global equities are mixed today.
Dollar Gains By Default
The rally in equities is threatening to pause today, even though the few markets open in Asia edged higher.
Greenback Remains Firm - Tuesday, Feb. 5
The US dollar is little firmer against most of the major currencies.
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