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E Cannabis Central: American MSO Pot Stock Index Declined Slightly Last Week
The American MSO Pure-Play Pot Stock Index dropped 1.4% this past week compared to a 8.3% decline for its Canadian peers. Here are last week's US winners and losers.
E Canadian LP Pot Stock Sub-Index Decline Continues
The 8.2% decline of the 9 constituents in the Canadian Pure-Play LP Pot Stock Sub-Index accelerated this past week on top of a 4.9% decline in March. Their average beta is now twice that of the overall stock market.
E Rubicon Organics Q4 Financials: Net Revenue Increased But Net Loss Increased As Well
Rubicon Organics Inc. Q4, 2020 financial and operating results showed a 51% increase in Net Revenue but a 17% increase in net losses and a 15% decrease in Adj. EBITDA.
E Cannabis Central: New Ancillary Cannabis Index Launched Last Week
NewCannabisVentures has launched an Ancillary Cannabis Index that tracks the performance of 14 companies providing goods and services to cannabis operators.
April Gold Update: 65 Pundits Now See Major Price Surge Coming
Of the 65 pundits forecasting a dramatic increase in gold this decade, 14 believe $10,000/oz. and beyond is likely with 1 predicting $50,000 in 2025 and then spiking to $87,500!
E Psychedelic Drug Stocks Index Up 9.9% During Shortened Week
During this shortened week 15 psychedelic drug stocks went up in price,15 went down and 11 had no change for an overall sector change of +6.1%.


Latest Comments
3 Best Marijuana Stocks To Ride The New Rally Higher
1 month ago

Excellent article. Excellent recommendations. The sector has been on a tear YTD (+55%) and the 3 suggested stocks are up 50%, 41% and 38%, respectively, YTD, so you might want to let things settle out before taking the plunge.

In this article: CURLF, TCNNF, JUSHF
Aurora Stock Jumps 14% Despite Disappointing Q1 Financial Results
5 months ago

Just emotion and a lot of wishful thinking. Aurora has been a major disappointment this year and still has not shown that it has what it takes to REALLY turn the corner. Let's see if it can maintain it for the balance of the year.

Cannabis ETF Tops In May: 5 Stocks That Led The Way
7 months ago

None of the 11 Marijuana ETFs accurately reflect the performance of the cannabis sector because of all the cannabis "wanna be" companies that are included. Check out my exclusive TM article entitled "Marijuana" ETFs: A Troubling Expose (talkmarkets.com/.../marijuana-etfs-a-troubling-expose) for all the details.

"Marijuana" ETFs: A Troubling Expose
9 months ago

Please share this insightful analysis with all your contacts in the marijuana industry. The real situation has to be revealed. I hate the spin that Marijuana hypsters put on things.

Cannabis Central: Non-Penny Pot Stocks Flat (+0.3%) On Monday With Only 1 Major Outlier
9 months ago

Believe it or not, the number is 87% to 92% depending on the type of supposed pot stocks counted. My NPSI is a true pure play index of just 25 stocks out of a total of 298 (i.e. just 8%) that trade actively. If you include the other 14 ancillary "cannabis" stocks that many analysts include, such as GW Pharma, the Innovative Industrial Properties REIT, that percentage increases to 13% of the total universe.

Is This A Buying Opportunity In The Marijuana Stocks?
9 months ago

My daily analysis of the cannabis industry (see my exclusive Cannabis Central articles on TalkMarkets) suggest that cannabis stocks have not bottomed out yet. When i jump in I will be investing exclusively in Horizon's Marijuana Companies 2x Daily Bull ETF (HMJU) to capitalize on the turnaround but do your own due diligence before doing so.

The Cannabidiol – Glioblastoma Connection: How CBD Impacts GBM Therapies
10 months ago

I don't have any specific insights to offer other than hope that their research bears fruit. I am in my 7th year of stage 4 cancer and, along with chemo and a variety of medications have taken THC (0.5mg) nightly and a regimen of extremely concentrated THC via suppositories and am still going strong. I should have been dead years ago!

In this article: AMRH
Pot Stock Index Advanced 1.6% On Thursday
10 months ago

Sorry about that. Will do it daily in the future. Very important that I get readers' feedback and get referrals to my very popular web site.

In this article: IND
Cannabis Central: Non-Penny Pot Stock Index Declined 1.3% On Friday - Here Are The Major Winners & Losers
10 months ago

Reply to Old Time Investor:

I think there will be only a dozen or so survivors from the current 298 current companies and they will do extremely well. I would play the field aggressively by avoiding individual pot stocks and most of the various cannabis ETFs. One exception is the Horizons Beta Pro Marijuana 2X Daily Bull ETF which will capture the eventual major turnaround in the sector and reap the rewards within the next 3 to 5 years. I do not own this ETF because I won't be around when this happens given my current age and terminal health issues.

In this article: NBEV, TLRY, PYX
Cannabis Central: Non-Penny Pot Stock Index Declined 1.3% On Friday - Here Are The Major Winners & Losers
10 months ago

Thanks for reading this article. You are now one of the most informed potential pot stock investors anywhere. That being said, what more information would you like to know about the cannabis industry? Also, if you have any constructive criticism of the article please let me know. Thanks.

In this article: NBEV, TLRY, PYX
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