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How Things Stack Up Into The Weekend
The market isn’t pricing a taper now until the end of the year, if at all, and China has calmed investor nerves around regulatory crackdowns.
A Dreary Picture From Asia
It was another ugly day for Chinese equities, which put in their largest two day decline since October 2008, but interestingly enough, short of a little wobble, US equity futures were right back up to trading near Monday’s record high levels.
Stocks To Infinity And Beyond
Investors are back to focusing on what the Fed does, rather than anything it says.
Look At That Fed Balance Sheet
US stocks once again raced to record highs at the end of last week, and that wasn’t the only record high.
Reassurance Without Limits
Things were mostly quiet on Thursday, short of a little intraday volatility around the ECB decision. Ultimately though, no surprises, with the central bank leaning more to the dovish side.
ECB Decision Preview - Thursday, July 22
The ECB decision is out today and while no change is expected on rates, there is a consensus the central bank will look to strike a dovish leaning chord.
Same Story, Nothing Has Changed
There isn’t all that much to chew on despite the reversal in markets over the past 24 hours.
Will Stocks Keep Up With The Rebound?
Wednesday has been a quiet day with respect to calendar events and we won’t get any first-tier data for the remainder of the day either.
Don't Call It A Comeback
US equities have recovered, but the recovery looks more like a moment of pause before more selling than the start to a meaningful bounce.
The Virus That Won't Go Away
It’s all about risk off to start the week and this is a carryover from what we had seen into last week’s weekly close. But things have most definitely intensified.
How To Define 'Transitory'
There is a growing worry the Fed just won’t be able to keep with its overly accommodative policy track.
Unsettling Subtleties
As we head into the end of the week, we wonder if there is anything to make of recent attempts to prop up global sentiment that have fallen by the wayside.
Are Investors Losing Confidence?
Are investors tired from the Fed narrative?
Will The Fed Ever Reconsider Its Stance?
The market is already ready to take in all of the dovishness from the Fed Chair in today’s testimony after worrying for a moment about rising inflation which might not end up being transitory.
Data Chipping Away At Fed Credibility
The big story into Wednesday is the much hotter than expected US inflation data. Financial markets reacted accordingly, with stocks selling off and the US Dollar extending its run.
Stocks Just Don't Care About Downside Risk
We didn’t get a whole lot of movement in the FX market on Monday, though we did continue to see demand for US equities.
1 to 16 of 617 Posts
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