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I have over 40 years experience working in oil and gas accounting with privately held oil and gas producing companies. I also cover precious metals and have a blog that covers monetary system issues and the potential for major future monetary system change.


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Silver Chart - A Range Within A Range Within A Range?
If it seems like silver has been stuck in a trading range for some time.
Should Millennials Care About Gold & Silver?
If you are young and your vision of the future includes a world filled with solar energy, long life batteries, cell phones, and electric cars, silver is the metal for you.
Is Silver A Key To The Future?
The recent news about a potential attempt to squeeze the price of silver higher has attracted the interest of millions of people who may be new to the precious metals markets and in particular the silver market.
News Note: Post Election Update
The US election is now officially completed with no official winner.
A Deeper Dive Into US Household Wealth Distribution & The Wealth Gap
It's election time once again and as always, the economy will probably be the biggest issue in most voters minds.
Billions, Trillions, Some Perspective
Total US debt edged up over time from around 250 Billion starting in the year 1950 to a little over 500 Billion by the year 1975.
Signals From The Gold And Silver Markets?
One of the sign posts we keep an eye on here is the precious metals markets. These markets historically can provide signals that something unusual is going on in the financial system. There are a couple of things that come to mind in this regard.
IMF Official - There Are Coutries (Including The US) Skeptical About Issuing More SDR's
We continue to monitor the topic of the potential for any increase in the allocation of SDR's (Special Drawing Rights) at the IMF. This is an important story to follow because the purpose of this blog is to watch for changes to the monetary system.
IBM/OMFIF Report On Central Bank Digital Currencies
While there are constantlyarticles suggesting that major changes by central banks or the IMF are imminent in regards to converting to either central bank digital currencies or even an "e-SDR", this report clearly lays out where this really stands.
Jim Rickards On Modern Monetary Theory
The Modern Monetary Theory proposal is making some headway in some political circles. Jim Richards has weighed in on the debate and here I share some of his thoughts and my own comments.
Unintended Consequence Of QE Policies?
Did the creation of massive amounts of liquidity by the Fed acting as lender of last resort create the impression in the general public that government spending and government debt don't matter anymore?
How Is The Petro Yuan Contract Doing?
The petro yuan contracts began trading for oil. This allows traders to buy and sell oil contracts based on the yuan rather than US dollars. Will this impact the US dollar in its role as the global reserve currency?
Fintech Innovation - Where Is It Headed?
Right now we are in the middle of the technology battle for universal adoption of an underlying ledger system that all banks and central banks can plug into.
Gold Wars
Some new developments in the gold space that may indicate that interest in gold as some kind of alternative payments system might be increasing.
Regarding BIS Guidance For Stress Testing OTC Derivatives
Because these speculative OTC derivative contracts can lead to a situation where a major so called "too big to fail" entity gets in trouble, monetary authorities like the BIS have recognized the potential systemic risk.
IMF 2016 Financial Stability Report Warns Banks To Adapt To "New Era"
Alongside their October annual meeting, the IMF has released its 2016 Global Financial Stability Report. This year the report includes a number of warnings and is somewhat pessimistic that global growth will improve anytime soon.
1 to 16 of 18 Posts
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