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The Asset Collection Coin (ACC) - Is it a Digital SDR Currency?

Date: Saturday, August 19, 2017 8:38 PM EST

Recently I have become aware of a relatively new blockchain based digital token that is calling itself the ACC (Asset Collection Coin). The information available on the internet about this new token describes it as "an asset digitization tool and platform to realize global asset digitization." The main web site for the organization behind this new token is It appears to be based in China, but it is unclear what relationship it may have with any official institutions in China. 

promotional video for this new product has created quite a bit of discussion and uproar because it seems to suggest the primary token to be used in this new system could be some kind of new digital version of the SDR. The official SDR of course is issued by the IMF and not any organization in China. But here is what ACChain says on this web page that does arouse curiosity:

"ACChain has built a pure decentralized platform for asset digitization, it is the common community of asset tokens, by copying Asset Blockchain general ledgers to implement asset digitization, and using ACC (Asset Collection Coin) as a common exchange medium to realize

assets circulation."

. . . .

"ACChain Community is launching a global ICO for tokens that made on ACChain, structuring international supernode networks, the process of the first supernode network is also the process of the exchange between mainstream tokens in the market with Asset standard token -- ACC, they will jointly form the digital asset interchange object -- SDR digital currency. In the meantime, each global node will establish regional “general ledger token” (GLT) for regional circulation, thus, the digital currency SDR will be the main exchange coin along with tokens  of each international node’s general ledger token in the international exchange. In this ecosystem, each node’s token can use GLT to realize regional circulation, and each GLT and use ACC to realize international circulation. Those control the international supernodes, win the market."

If you have spent any time at all researching these kinds of things (SDR's, global currencies, etc) you know that when you see this kind of language show up all kinds of speculation, questions, and for some people out right fear is going to arise. Here we have something stating that its goal is to essentially try to get the entire world to digitize its real world assets into a globally tradable token (the ACC) that it also happens to suggest will be a "digital currency SDR" (see page 11). If that is not enough to stir up interest, they go on to talk about powerful "supernodes" in this system designed to collect up real world assets and say "those (who) control the international supernodes, win the market."

So, it is certainly reasonable to ask. What is this? Who is behind it? Who controls the "supernodes" in it? Does it have any kind of relationship with the IMF? If not, does it have any kind of relationship with the Chinese government or PBOC? Let's look at the facts that we can find on this.



My early research on this does not indicate that any relationship exists with the IMF that I can find. If any relationship does exist, it does not appear in the public domain anywhere that I know about. In a video I have seen on an alternative media site, an email from an IMF spokesperson displayed in the video clearly states the IMF has no involvement with ACCoin. I have no doubt the email is legitimate even though I cant show you a hard copy (you can view it on the video here if you like). It shows it to be from Silvia Zucchini who is an IMF spokesperson. The email shown in the video had this statement from her:

"Thank you for your inquiry. Please note that we are not aware of the cryptocurrency called ACCOIN and we can rule out any IMF official approval and authorization of its link to the SDR."

It is harder to know if any ties exist between ACChain. org and the Chinese government and/or PBOC. China is somewhat opaque. I cannot find anything that ties them together, but would not rule out the possibility. I simply don't know. 

The goal of this article will simply be to provide the information I can find in the public domain so that readers can review it and draw their own conclusions about it. I will add a few comments of opinion, but will admit that I have no way to know for sure of any connections one way or the other. At the same time, I prefer not to jump to conclusions or speculate either as I have seen quite a bit of this already. 

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