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Is a Government About to Issue a Gold Bond?

Date: Thursday, June 28, 2018 12:17 PM EST

Earlier on this blog we featured a speech by Dr. Judy Shelton where she called for government issued gold backed bondsDr. Shelton is now working in the Trump Administration as Executive Director for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. 


Given this history, this new article by Keith Weiner is worth noting. Mr. Weiner is a strong advocate of precious metals. In his new article, he makes what appears to be a startling statement indicating he is aware of a government "moving towards issuing gold bonds." He does not identify the government, but does imply that this news will become public in the not too distant future. Below are a couple of brief excerpts from the article and then a few added comments. (I added bold for emphasis)


"A gold bond is debt obligation that is denominated in gold, with interest and principal paid in gold. As I will explain below, it’s a way for the issuer to pay off its debt in full, and there are other advantages."


. . . . . .


"There has not been a gold bond in the U.S. for 85 years. Yet a government (which I will be able to talk about soon) is moving towards issuing gold bonds. I have written tens of thousands of words on the benefits of gold bonds to investors. Today, in light of this impending momentous event, I am writing about the benefits to the issuer of the bond, including government issuers. There are also benefits to mining companies within such government jurisdiction."


. . . . . .


"Let me address a common misconception up front. Many tend to think of a “gold backed” bond. That’s just a conventional dollar bond with gold as collateral. It’s a way to use gold to go deeper into debt, and I won’t address it further."

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