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Glint Moves Forward With Plan to Reintroduce Gold as Money

Date: Tuesday, July 24, 2018 7:41 AM EDT


The other benefit of having multiple currencies alongside gold is that it reinforces by association the fact ​that gold is now another currency.


Q: What kind of demand are you seeing so far for the services that Glint provides and where do you see that demand growing in the future?


A: There is an obvious product market fit with those who have large amounts of money​ and as such we have a very high proportion of High Net Worth individuals who are very keen to have a reliable alternative to banking and hard money ​to protect ​for their hard ​- earned savings. However​,​ we also have a cohort who ​aren't necessarily sitting on large savings, but who ​believe in ​Glint's ​philosophy and ​the ​right to have an independent form of money that is free from government interference. So we’ve built Glint for everyone, enabling you to buy as little as 1 cent or pennies worth of gold to millions of dollars or pounds of gold.


Our clients also range in age from 18 to 90 years’ old, so we have both those blessed with the benefit of hindsight and fresh, idealistic and mobile-first millennials.


Q: How do users access Glint to manage their funds and spend their funds? Where will Glint users in the US be able to use the Glint card in the US?


A: Clients can manage their funds through our​ secure iPhone or Android App and spend their funds using the Glint debit card anywhere ​that ​ Mastercard is accepted​;​ so that’s not just at merchants and ATMs in the US but across the world. I’ve spent my gold in California, Mexico, Tokyo, Mumbai and across the UK and Europe ​- ​ using it to pay ​for​ taxis, hotel​s​, ​flights and restaurant meals.

Q: What world events do you see taking place that would be favourable towards increased public demand for gold?



A: We are already living in uncertain times and it’s not clear to people what the world is going to look like in the short term,​ never mind the long term. Uncertainty is all around us and trade conflict, the potential break-up of the European Union, wars and high levels of personal, corporate and government debt mean that people are looking for reliability wherever they can find it now.


I’m not an economist, but​ whichever way I look things don’t look ​too ​good. Many companies won’t survive the next downturn in the economy ​. We are ​two​ months away from the longest post-war economic expansion,​ which alone tells me that the writing ​may be ​on the wall ​and another recession or financial crisis around the corner​. I’m just glad that we have brought people a solution ​in time.

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