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Glint Moves Forward With Plan to Reintroduce Gold as Money

Date: Tuesday, July 24, 2018 7:41 AM EDT

There are a number of initiatives moving forward around the globe that are working towards the goal of encouraging people to use gold like money once again. Last fall we featured Glint as they launched such an initiative in the UK. Glint CEO Jason Cozens was gracious to participate in a Q&A session for readers here that described the launch.


Now, it seems that Glint is ready to expand and move forward with some new initiatives. Jason Cozens has kindly agreed to do a followup Q&A style interview to provide some insight into where he sees Glint going in the future.






Jason Cozens - Glint CEO



Q: I see that Glint is raising 1.25 million pounds in a new crowdfunding effort. What prompted you to go this route to raise these funds?


A: Everything we do at Glint ( is about ​working towards helping everyone get the same opportunity to prosper​, no matter their financial status​ . That’s why we ​are attempting to ​"fix​"​ money, the fuel on which capitalism runs, in order to make it reliable, fair and not prone to depreciate in ways outside of our control. Rich or poor we want to have a level playing field.


We launched our £15m Series A funding round so we could expand Glint to a wider audience ​overseas. The participants in this financing are mainly funds and ultra-high net worth individuals. We were amazed that ​clients were ​requesting to invest in the business as soon as we started opening accounts for them and to avoid being exclusive,​ our crowdfunding campaign at ensures everyone has the same opportunity to invest and join us on our journey. They can invest from as little as ​£10  to £100,000 ​'​s although in the US, Canada and Japan only sophisticated investors investing more than £10,000 can participate. ​ At this point I should mention that of course investing puts your money at risk but I’m really pleased to announce that we smashed through our £1.25m target with over 400 investors in the first 72 hours. It’s still open for the next 27 days (as of 7-20-18).


Q: Last November Glint launched in the UK. Can you give us some key events that have taken place since the launch that have you excited?


A: There are so many! I’ll name some:


  • ​We couldn’t have hoped for a better response from the press.
  • The robust processes that we had built stood up to our expectations and ensured everything went to plan.
  • Th​e team that ​my ​co-founder Ben Davies and I have the privilege of working with ​has ​now reached 50 strong. ​We are working with ​an amazing  group of talented people with experience in product development, software engineering, banking, security, investments​, marketing, client services, macroeconomics, trading, currencies, payments and gold.
  • Launching our Android App and adding USD and EUR accounts to​ our iPhone App.
  • Recently winning the PayTech award for best new payments initiative.
  • But the best has to be the 16,000 (​and counting)​ clients who have registered for accounts. It’s a great feeling to see clients ​actually ​saving and spending in Gold.  ​My dream ​many years ago has become a reality, and that's pretty awesome to witness.
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