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Glint Launches Gold Based Payment System - Interview with CEO Jason Cozens

Date: Monday, November 20, 2017 11:09 PM EST

Today Glint launched a new product that I think readers here will find very interesting. It is a honor to be able to present a detailed Q&A style interview with the CEO of Glint, Jason Cozens.


He kindly agreed to do a Q&A interview with us to help provide some basic information on this potentially game changing new financial product. Below are his answers to some questions we sent by email on how Glint will work. I strongly encourage readers to both read the interview and pass this news along to others who may have interest in this topic. This is an exclusive interview done for readers here.





Jason Cozens - Glint CEO



Q: What is Glint and when should we expect to see it launch?


Glint ( is a new payments service that is reintroducing gold as money. For the first time ever we’re making gold a global currency that can be used in today’s electronic payments world.


Glint lets you spend, exchange, store and send local and foreign currencies, including physical gold - the most universally trusted form of money. You can pay with your Glint Mastercard, through the global banking payment system and via P2P (email).


We just launched today after being in stealth for a few years.

Q: What prompted you to get involved with Glint? 


First of all, I just became very interested in gold. Like many, the global financial crisis had woken me up to the fact that today’s fiat money is inherently unfair since it doesn’t maintain its purchasing power due to central bank policies. I also realised that a bank account is not the secure deposit of money that I once thought it was. Instead it is lent out, intentionally put at risk. We used to get an interest rate in return for that risk, but not so much these days. When your money can’t buy you what it used to and when banks go bust, even in the UK, it makes you think twice about what you use as money and where your money is stored.


So, I learnt that gold holds its purchasing power over time and – if it’s kept in an independent vault – it’s free from the contagion of a financial crisis. 


The problem with it until now has been that it is stuck in a vault and can’t buy you a coffee. I’d spent the previous 15 years leveraging emerging digital technology to help us do things differently, more efficiently or faster, so this problem was like a red rag to a bull. I set out to find out how to reintroduce it as money in today’s electronic payments world and then make it so. I then teamed up with Ben Davies who had a similar mindset and who had co-founded Hinde Capital (, arguably the world’s first gold hedge fund. Glint is now the combined effort of a team of 30 talented people. 

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