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Kurt Cobb combines two professional identities. He is best known for his work as a blogger, columnist, speaker and author focusing on energy and the environment. He also works as an independent marketing and publicity consultant and writer who has served a wide variety of corporate, nonprofit, ... more


EC Things Do Not Have To Run Out For Their Scarcity To Become Destabilizing
It's not that things are running out - it's the where, and the fragility of a globally interconnected system.
It's All Connected: The Natural Gas Market And Its Casualties
It is looking like the metaphorical natural gas bridge is going to come up short. The effects are starting to ripple throughout the economy, not only in the natural gas markets themselves, but also in the electricity and agricultural markets.
The Standard American Diet: Downstream Revenue For The U.S. Health Care System
It's hard to convince people that foods which are so widely advertised, consumed and accepted are killing them, albeit slowly.
Has OPEC Finally Won The War Against Shale Oil?
Investment in shale oil companies has finally collapsed—even as oil prices levitate. It has been a long time coming. The industry would like you to believe that it is now showing "restraint" in its capital spending.
Shale Oil And Gas Fraud: A Sign Of A Peak In Oil Supplies?
The rise in oil prices against a backdrop of a recovering economy suggests that the shale miracle is not returning any time soon, if ever. For those who scoffed at the idea that world oil production would peak in the near-term, the test is ahead.
Who Pays For The Care Of "Orphaned" Oil And Gas Wells? You Do
When oil and gas wells end their useful life, one of two things happens: 1) They are plugged and capped to prevent further flows or 2) they are simply abandoned.


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