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Kurt Cobb combines two professional identities. He is best known for his work as a blogger, columnist, speaker and author focusing on energy and the environment. He also works as an independent marketing and publicity consultant and writer who has served a wide variety of corporate, nonprofit, ... more


Will Anything Slow Down The U.S. LNG Juggernaut?
It is the legally mandated purpose of a for-profit corporation to make money for its owners and to prioritize that goal above all else.
Bayer Suffering Buyer's Remorse For Monsanto Acquisition
If only Bayer, the German pharmaceutical and agricultural seed and chemical giant, had bothered to ask around before acquiring the American-based Monsanto Company for $63 billion in cash last June.
Shale Oil Becomes Shale Fail (and A Nice Subsidy For Consumers)
The US shale oil industry is using investor money to subsidize oil consumers.There is no other conclusion to draw from the fact that free cash flow continues to be wildly negative for those companies most deeply dependent on U.S. shale oil deposits.
Saudi Retreat On Oil IPO Highlights Dearth Of Reliable Information On World Oil Reserves
Since late 2016 the financial media has been abuzz about what would likely be the biggest initial public offering ever: The sale of 5 percent of the world's largest oil company, Saudi Aramco, which is wholly owned by the government of Saudi Arabia.
10 Years After The Oil Price Spike: Is Peak Oil A Process Rather Than A Moment?
The punishing price decline in oil from 2014 to 2016 and the slow recovery that followed has resulted in deep cuts in exploration and development throughout the industry (if not so much in the U.S. tight oil fields).
Is The Decline Of Coal A National Security Problem?
As the Trump administration seeks to resuscitate the moribund American coal industry, it has decided to invoke "national security" as the justification for a plan to subsidize coal-fired power plants.


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