President and Chief Investment Officer at Hennion & Walsh Asset Management

Kevin D. Mahn is the President and Chief Investment Officer of Hennion & Walsh Asset Management.  Mr. Mahn is responsible for all of the Wealth and Asset Management products and services offered at the Firm including the SmartTrust® series of Unit Investment Trusts (UITs). Mr. Mahn ... more


International Equities At (Or Near) An Inflection Point
We continue to believe that threats of potentially prolonged trade wars have served as an emergency brake to a stock market that has been pressing on the gas pedal to try and move forward with a growing global economy serving as a tailwind.
After Markets Pause, More Upside Anticipated For Global Equities During 2nd Half Of 2018
The current threat of a prolonged trade war is serving as an emergency brake to a stock market that is pressing the gas pedal as hard as it can with positive economic data reports, serving as tailwinds.
2018 Could Be "The Year Of M&A"
2017 was a good year, but not a great year, for global mergers and acquisition activity as global M&A fell just short of 2016 results with a 3.2% decline in value according to Mergermarket.
Are Consistent Economic Gains Now Starting To Catch-Up To Stock Market Gains?
The U.S. economy has now experienced two consecutive quarters of 3% gross domestic product (GDP) growth with a reported 3.0% annualized gain in third-quarter GDP, on top of the 3.1% GDP increase reported in the second quarter of 2017.
Portfolio Management Ideas For Consideration For The Remainder Of 2017
2017 is shaping up to be both a continuation of the secular bull market as well as a year of changing market leadership. This has taken place absent any significant market volatility, leading some to question when volatility may rear again.
Can A Macron Victory Lead To An Upswing In European Stocks?
A second EU departure, coupled with the first country to abandon the Euro currency, could have led to short-term market volatility in capital markets worldwide.




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President & CIO - Hennion & Walsh Asset Mgmt
Hennion & Walsh
2004 - Present (15 years 6 months)

President and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) - Hennion & Walsh Asset Management
Portfolio Manager and Chief Investment Officer (CIO) - SmartTrust® Unit Investment Trusts

Senior Vice President
Lehman Brothers
1993 - 2004 (11 years 5 months)

Various senior management roles including, but not limited to, COO of Lehman Brothers Bank and CAO of Lehman Brothers High Net Worth Products & Services Division


Fairleigh Dickinson University
1991 / 1993
Muhlenberg College
1987 / 1991
Business Administration


Exchange-Traded Funds: Conceptual and Practical Investment Approaches
Kevin Mahn
Risk Books

Most ETFs are still passively managed funds that track equity indexes. The newer ones, however, are increasingly complex, often focussing on narrow sub-sectors of the market, non-equity asset classes, or enhanced directional plays. Some allow investors to expand and fine-tune a traditional asset allocation 

based on core equity exposure; others, such as leveraged or inverse ETFs, are used to improve portfolio risk-adjusted performance. As such, we must be aware that while ETFs may continue to offer the market valuable investment opportunities, just like with other financial products there are also distinct risks associated with these investments that need to be fully understood. “What are they?” “How can they be used?” and “What do we need to know to protect ourselves before we invest?” are only a few of the many questions answered by this book.