CEO of International Medical Consultants, IMC Radiology, and CMO of Levolta Pharma

Ketan Desai, MD, PhD, is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of IMC Radiology, the founder and Chief Medical Officer of LeVolta Pharma, Founder and CEO of UBDoc (an artificial intelligence based company for health care) and a part-time practicing physician. One of his inventions was acquired ... more


E Pitfalls Of Biotechnology Investing
How capital distorts the availability of biotechnology companies.
E Wither Flexion?
A new study highlights that there are likely fewer candidates for Flexion's star osteoarthritis treatment and this could affect the stock price of Flexion considerably.
Is India's Economic Potential Over-Hyped?
An examination of the culture and demographics of India in relation to its economic potential.
E Ford Model T And Personalized Medicine
While technology marches on, the economics of personalized medicines just don’t add up. Will they be like costly trinkets being displayed in a museum that we can watch at a distance but not own?
E Only Trump Can Go To Russia
Investment implications of Trump's Russia and China policies.
E Two Lessons From My Biogen Trade
One can be wrong and make money and be right and lose money. Here is how I made money on Biogen Inc.


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Pitfalls Of Biotechnology Investing
8 months ago

Thanks. Since I have been the founder of more than one biotechnology company, I'm keenly interested and aware of the issues facing this sector.

Wither Flexion?
8 months ago

Are you serious? Only two injections, follow up for only 52 weeks, and you consider that to be adequate long term safety data? Did you bother to read the meta-analysis mentioned in my article? They followed patients for years. If you have not taken the time or the effort to read the article, go back and do so.

In this article: FLXN
Wither Flexion?
8 months ago

100% or their revenue come from Zilretta, It is basically a one trick pony, with line extensions and life cycle management. See their "Pipleline" at

In this article: FLXN
Is India's Economic Potential Over-Hyped?
2 years ago

AJ opposed Flipkart. You can decipher the initials. Glad to know you approve the entrepreneurial mindset, but it seems that you are in the minority.

Regarding EIC, they made a profit and saw it fit to raise an army to protect it. It was a protection racket that grew into an Empire.

Many Indians are risk takers, especially those who migrate. But many many are not. It is that mindset that led to 10 million applicants for 10,000 railway jobs 2 weeks ago. If new industries and not encouraged, where will the jobs for "demographic dividend' come from?

Your last statement hits the nail on the head - change engenders resistance to change. Including within us. Unless we recognize it and address it, things will not improve.

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