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How Hard Could Australia’s Lockdown Hit AUD?
The US dollar traded higher against most of the major currencies on Tuesday but a large part of its gains were incurred during the Asian and early European trading sessions.
FX Traders Shake Off Coronavirus Worries
Over the holiday weekend, the number of coronavirus cases in the US hit new record highs but Monday’s rally in currencies and equities suggest that investors are unfazed by the growing health crisis in the US.
Dark Clouds Loom Over Strong Labor Data
Based on the latest jobs report, the US economy is doing great. Approximately 4.8 million Americans returned to work in the month of June following an increase of nearly 2.7 million in May.
Will Non-Farm Payrolls Be A Boom Or Bust For Dollar?
The third quarter kicked off with consolidation equities and currencies. Stocks traded slightly higher while the US dollar edged lower allowing sterling, the Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand dollars to extend their gains.
FX: Quiet End To Q2 As Q3 Uncertainty Looms
As the second quarter draws to a close, we reflect on the gains in equities and currencies. While the COVID-19 pandemic scarred the markets at the end of the first quarter, recovery was the primary theme of Q2.
Currencies Collapse As US Virus Cases Reach Alarming Levels
When the COVID-19 pandemic began, we all knew that strict lockdown measures in the US and other parts of the world would put major strain on global economic activity.


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