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Juan Carlos Zuleta is an economist. He holds a master's degree in Agricultural and Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota and did Ph.D. studies in Economics at the New School for Social Research. Since 1992 he has published a number of articles on the economics of lithium. Due to ...more



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The Battery In Your Future
8 years ago

Thanks a lot Alpha. Please let me now invite you to read my latest article published today on Seeking Alpha:

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Battery Recharging: Why Is Tesla Not Going Wireless?
8 years ago

Despite Tesla's escepticism regarding wireless charging, the Model S will finally go wireless: Not too many would disagree now that the market does find its way, right?

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The Battery In Your Future
8 years ago

In a blog published in January 2008 I anticipated the emergence of the sixth techno-economic paradigm with lithium as its key factor: Many months later, Merril Lynch picked up these insights to suggest the advent of their Cleantech Revolution: Unfortunately, they didn't refer to my previous work on the subject.

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Can Tesla Make Winners Out Of These Lithium Players?
8 years ago

Tesla’s “out-of-cash” option on lithium supply leaves more questions than hopes in the air. For one thing, it’s not clear why Tesla chose Bacanora instead of other operators to secure its future lithium requirements. The only reason I can think of for that decision is closeness to the Nevada giga-factory. For another, it seems quite unlikely that Bacanora will be able to supply in the next 2-3 years the kind of raw material required by Tesla because it doesn’t necessarily possess the best lithium resources in the world and is still in its very early stage of development. In this connection, one can indeed foresee a lithium supply crunch in the near future that could eventually force Tesla and other EV makers to search for alternative technologies, one example of which could be the fuel cells powering the Toyota Mirai. Note in this regard that as early as January 2012 ( I also envisaged use of fuel cells in Apple’s i-phones and only after 3 years and half both possibilities seem to have actually come into being (See: Lastly, as I have argued in my latest piece published on Seeking Alpha (See:, there might be another option for Tesla: Take wireless charging more seriously so that lithium-ion batteries become less crucial to increase EV range which would at the same time imply using less lithium in those advanced energy storage technologies.

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Will Wireless Hypercharging Soon Be Used In All-Electric Buses?
9 years ago

As described in a wikipedia entry (See:, magnesium was blamed for most of the Le Man’s accident in 1955 where one competitor plus 83 spectators died, “either by flying debris or from the fire”, and 120 were injured. In a fairly recent article (See: it’s clear that conditions and perspectives of magnesium have since dramatically changed.

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