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Money manager with 40 years experience / Geopolitical analyst US intelligence community
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Joseph L. Shaefer is the CEO and Chief Investment Officer of Stanford Wealth Management, LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor.
Retired senior executive of Charles Schwab and Co. Retired (36 years) active and reserve military service -- six in special operations, the next 30 in the ... more

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Market Up Or Market Down, These Spirited Beverage Companies Make Money
In politics, one side will win, one side will lose. But no matter the outcome, the alcoholic beverage industry wins perennially over something so transitory as "four more years" or "a new beginning".
September Is Not 'The Cruelest Month' - Despite Thursday
Analysts spend volumes debating why is September such a poor month to get through? Wrong question. Ask first if there is any validity to this oft-repeated fable. It has been told so many times that many people believe it.
Intel Is Down - Not Out
Intel is one of the true heavyweights in the semiconductor industry. I would like to discuss with you why I think Intel is a sleeping giant ready to regain its territory.
Exxon Mobil: Bridge To The Future
The United States is the top producing country of natural gas in the world. Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM) is the biggest producer of natural gas in the United States.
ACIO And DRSK: And Now, For Those Who May Be A Little Nervous
I have been steadily buying into this rally even though the danger has been high. The future of the US markets always is bright long term. Short term, anything can happen.
PGF: My No. 1 ETF Combining Yield And Safety
During the difficult mid-March period, when there almost were zero bids for fixed income holdings, PGF met all redemption requests with aplomb.
Boeing Vs. Raytheon: Which One Has The Right Stuff?
Whether to buy Boeing or invest in Raytheon is analyzed by looking at their assets, their outlooks going forward and recent news on the companies.
This Is One Dangerous Rally
My biggest concern about this rally: It has little support beyond what was being supported before the decline.
The Insanity Of This Week's Decline
I understand that many people have never seen anything like this. Except for Black Monday in 1987 I have never seen anything like it. That bloodbath struck so fast there was nothing to do but ride it out.
It's Decision Time Next Week
There are many other investment alternatives in the not-so-fixed income arena that have a low, zero, or negative Beta to the stock or bond markets.
Boeing Follow-Up: A New 737 MAX Safety Issue Is Discovered
The problems with the 737 MAX are less engineering problems than they are a decision to rush a product to market when many of the company’s own engineers warned against it.
Rock-Solid Total Is The Best Energy Company In The World
TOT is the best-managed super-major oil company in the world, with the most complete plan to reinvent itself as not just a fossil fuel, but also a renewable energy, company of size.
Why I Won't Be Buying Boeing
Boeing's problems are bigger than the 737- MAX - its KC-46 (defense aircraft) faces similar issues. One day I believe Boeing will recover its former glory. Just not today.
My 'Fallen Angels' Favorites For 2020 Part 3: Pfizer
Moonstruck investors chased recreational drug stocks into the stratosphere, only to watch them plummet. Pfizer however is a company with real products, real earnings and a not-too-shabby dividend yield just under 4%. It still has room to grow.
My 'Fallen Angels' Favorites For 2020 Part 2: Kraft Heinz
I invest across all sectors and asset classes. Value is where your find it, as are companies on the rebound. I think Kraft Heinz is at that nexus.
My 'Fallen Angels' Favorites For 2020 Part 1: IBM
Sometimes, even the best of companies don’t perform as well as their peers. However, history shows that buying those with strong balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow will often rebound with gusto. IBM is one such company.
1 to 16 of 103 Posts
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