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I am the Founder, Chief Wealth Strategist & Managing Director of a fiercely independent wealth management research & consulting firm with global expertise in gold and silver markets dedicated to raising awareness about the massive fraud of the commercial investment & banking industry ...more


Bank CEOs Are The New Drug Lords
Why I Would Work For Pablo Escobar Before I Would Work For Jamie Dimon.
How Bankers Use Fake Inflation Rates To Spread Epic Lies About Gold, Silver, And Stock Markets
To understand how Central Bankers use fake inflation rates to spread epic lies about gold, silver and stock markets all around the world, please watch the below video.
End Gold Price Manipulation Now!
John Kim shares two video clips about gold manipulation. Clips include an expose by the German magazine Makro (with English subtitles), an interview with Professor Rosa Abrantes-Metz followed by commentary and a call to action by John Kim. Video Length 22:29.


AIG American International Group Inc
DBA PowerShares DB Agriculture Fund
GS Goldman Sachs Group Inc.
UDN PowerShares DB US Dollar Index Bearish Fund
USO United States Oil Fund, LP
XLF Financial Select Sector SPDR



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Work Experience

Chief Wealth Management Strategist & Managing Director
August 2006 - Present (17 years 1 month)
I am responsible for the development of all services of my company, including all investment research reports, all education materials, and all wealth management & preservation strategies. I have developed proprietary investment strategies that we use as the primary screens to select the right assets given the high risk of today's global economies, with an expertise in precious metals investing. Today the global commercial financial industry has been infiltrated with monumental fraud.
Private Wealth Manager/ Financial Consultant
Smith Barney Beverly Hills, CA
June 2002 - January 2005 (2 years 8 months)
Provided highly customized and detailed financial solutions for a diverse high-net-worth customer base that included prominent real estate developers, CFOs, and CEOs. Clients’ net worth from U.S. $1MM to excess of U.S. $60MM. Managed every aspect of my clients’ financial lives by providing a wide array of consultative solutions to meet their needs.
Strategic Consultant
March 2001 - April 2002 (1 year 2 months)
Strategic consultant for various U.S. entertainment and technology firms.
Wells Fargo Bank, Los Angeles, CA
Private Banker, Private Client Services
July 1998 - January 2001 (2 years 7 months)
In a 10 month period in FY2000, created over U.S. $24MM in new business by actively identifying areas of need and recommending non-traditional, creative solutions for high net-worth clients and businesses. Achieved 124%, 731%, and 280% of individual credit, brokerage and mortgage goals in FY1999. Clients included the head of NBC Television, the CEO of Sebastian Hair Care products, the CFO of Apple One Employment agency, the CEO of Longo Toyota dealerships among many other high profile clients.
East Bay Regional Commercial Banking Office, Relationship Associate
Top 5 US Bank
October 1997 - July 1998 (10 months)
Recommended structure, maturity, interest rate, and loan covenants for credit facilities to commercial, manufacturing, real estate and retail sectors ranging from U.S. $1MM to U.S. $10MM. Performed market feasibility studies, new business reviews and industry analyses.
Real Estate Group, Intern
Top 5 US Bank
May 1996 - August 1996 (4 months)
Economic Analyst
Kumamoto, Japan City Hall, Office of Economic Development
March 1995 - August 1995 (6 months)
Performed research and wrote reports regarding the economic indices of Kumamoto to assist in the development of new economic aid programs.


University of Pennsylvania
The University of Texas, The McCombs Business School
Finance, Marketing, Strategy


The Staggering Depths of Blissfulness
John Kim
JS Kim
The Staggering Depths of Blissfulness is a story about love, the loss of innocence and wonder. When Emseeaye, a young man whose life is marked by alternating events of staggering beauty and anguished tragedy, is uprooted from his simple Laotian village to attend college in New York, everything that he believes to be true about life suddenly comes into question. Though his assimilation into Western life leaves him confused and directionless, under the tutelage of a blind man with extraordinary perceptive abilities, Emseeaye learns to harness the power of the "three dominions", hauntingly beautiful sensory experiences that blur the boundaries between reality and dreams. When Emseeaye's obsession with the three dominions threatens to destroy his delicately woven relationship with his girlfriend Melina, he must race to unravel the secrets behind the "three dominions". Succeed, and he will re-discover the joy of a previous life. Fail, and he will forever lose Melina.
The Golden Gift
John Kim
JS Kim
Inside the Golden Gift is a shocking revelation that no banker ever wants you to know. Yet if the world becomes aware of this revelation, we can work together to usher in a new renaissance and period of economic prosperity. The idea inside this book can alleviate poverty, restore peace between warring nations, destroy conditions that give rise to terrorism, and restore the freedom and pride of Republics. Learn the truth about the global monetary system that bankers do not want you to know and help a humanitarian cause as well!
The Bankers’ Secret Plot to Bankrupt the World & How We Can Stop them
John Kim
JS Kim
Non-Fiction. Inside ‘The Banker’s Secret Plot to Bankrupt the World & How We Can Stop Them!’ exposes the shocking century long secret that bankers don’t want you to know – that they invented our current monetary & banking system specifically to grant themselves the power to silently steal our wealth while simultaneously forcing us to use flimsy money that has no intrinsic value. Central Banks create every single Euro, Yen, Pound, USD, and Yuan as debt, a fact you must understand to grasp the grave immorality of our current banking system. Former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker stated in 2009 that bankers have contributed nothing positive to society but the ATM for the past several decades. Learn how we can work together to free all of humanity from the monstrous beast known as the global banking cartel. Coming Late 2014
SmartKnowledgeU Blog
John Kim
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