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Win If The Stock Market Goes Up Or Down
6 years ago

Hi Alexis, This is a strategy called indexing so the company that is making you these guarantees isn't actually investing your money in the index per say. They are taking it and doing what they do normally, (make big loans, buy bonds, invest in business etc) and they are telling you that in return for you putting your funds on deposit with them they will credit your account with the scenario of the S and P in the video above.

The only catch is that you must be willing to leave most of the money in the account for a few years or any withdrawals above 5 to 10% of the account balance would be subject to penalty. Great place for long term retirement money for safety and lifelong income that you can't outlive. Hope this helps and email me directly if you would like more information sent to you johndjamieson! gmail.com. Thanks for the great question!

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