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Jim Mosquera is the author of the books, Escaping Oz: An Observer's ReflectionsEscaping Oz: Navigating the crisis and more


E The Trillion Dollar Coin
How can a trillion dollar coin save the budget?
E Interview On Labor And Income Inequality
Talk Radio One host Steven Spierer interviews Jim Mosquera on the topics of labor and income inequality
E Income Inequality May Resolve Itself
Is government intervention needed to resolve income inequality?
E Interview With Uncle Sam (Part II)
The continuation of the interview with Uncle Sam.
E Interview With Uncle Sam (Part I)
What would Uncle Sam have to say about the economy and government?
American Business, Prospering Or In Decline
While the official unemployment rate has trended down for the last few years, what is the state of business, particularly small business?


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Income Inequality May Resolve Itself
2 years ago

I have other data on wealth inequality with a similar pattern.

Toto, We're Not In Kansas Any More
2 years ago

Hi Gary, thanks for the comment. Like Rasputin, the subprime is returning. Apparently there are special programs with 3% with Fannie taking on the risk. I pen articles for Seeking Alpha as well. I hope the TalkMarkets platform is successful.

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Jim Mosquera
SaraCarterDC Nice segment on L, L & L last night. Thank you for your work.
Jim Mosquera
This is for you, "Biscuit" to get back in the swing of things after your NYC adventure.
Jim Mosquera
sarahkendzior Also have a non-fiction book series (Escaping Oz) that fits well within your subject matter. Would… more
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Oxford Dictionary 2018 Word Of The Year
What can the word of the year tell us about societal mood?
Oxford Dictionary 2018 Word Of The Year
What can the word of the year tell us about societal mood?
The Only Five Things A Society Needs
We live in a world of rules and restrictions. While many, maybe most, are necessary, which ones do we really need?
Things To Think About With Digital Money
Digital money's getting a lot of attention these days. Casting aside the investment euphoria, what else should you consider?
The Election's Outcome Did Not Matter
Did you vote for Clinton or Trump? Would it have made a difference?
Real Estate's Next Crisis
What are the long-term trends in real estate?

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University Of Missouri-Columbia
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Escaping Oz: An Observer's Reflections
Jim Mosquera
The Sentinel

In today’s economic and political climate, protecting yourself means asking the right questions. You can’t ask the right questions if your mind’s encumbered.

We’ve burdened government with all our problems but do they have the capacity to solve them? Do we want them to? What’s the difference between freedom “of” and freedom “from” and why’s it important? Why is this one of the most important questions you can ask?

I’m putting out an APB for critical thinking skills. We need these skills at this important juncture in our nation’s history. Is our political division a permanent condition? What’s the one thing we all have in common? Information isn’t lacking these days, which is why our ability to sift purposefully through it is critical.

Prepare to meet the future.  It always arrives sooner than expected.  Are you ready?

Jim Mosquera
The Sentinel

Chandler Scott returns in book 3 of the series, Division.  He teams up with an unexpected foe to right the listing ship known as the United States of America.  The sinister revelation in his documentary unleashed a torrent of both anger and support for the president.  America is a country tearing at the seams.

Spending time with his love and hoping to be just a spectator in a convention deciding the future of the republic, Chandler is thrust into plots threatening to undermine the Executive branch of government and ultimately the entire country. Along the way, he must be a bridge between groups on opposite sides of the political spectrum — groups whose help he needs. His mentors also lend a hand, though they bring him unexpected news.

The frenetic pace of events only heightens Chandler’s doubts about what is real and what is not. Can he overcome his doubts and save the country?

Jim Mosquera
The Sentinel

In a fast paced thriller, Chandler Scott continues his quest for the dream story.  What will it cost him?  His career, his love, his life?

Continuing his dangerous investigations, he discovers plots more sinister than even he could ever imagine. As he plunges into the world of secessionists and government run wild, he soon realizes that his life hangs in the balance. He must decide whom he can trust—his documentary partner with a dark past or the people he has only just met with agendas of their own.

Rebellium, a realistic thriller, follows 2020 and is the second book in the Chandler Scott series.

Jim Mosquera

Chandler Scott, a rising TV journalist, tries to connect the dots in a country mired in another financial crisis.  Cyber terrorists add to the flames of fear.  The public yearns for help from its leaders who respond in ways previously unimagined.  Politics and economics will collide during the Presidential election of 2020.   Chandler uncovers the seeds of the next crisis, a crisis that would shape the future of the United States of America and the world.

2020 is a fusion of historical events with a near-term look at the future.  It is a thriller so convincing in its accuracy that readers will be left to ponder if these events could actually come to fruition.​

Escaping Oz: Navigating the crisis
Jim Mosquera

After what seemed like a bad dream, the country woke up to find themselves in the Financial Land of Oz. The housing market cratered, stocks fell, and once venerable financial institutions were on life support. The economy struggled. The Wizards provided massive fiscal and monetary intervention.

The economy recovered, but not for everyone. The social fabric began to tear. The dominant theme of the next decade will be the intersection of politics and economics. Economies naturally experience cyclic behavior though our financial system exacerbates the effect. A healthy economy and societal accord go hand in hand. We need to understand how we got here and how we will emerge.