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My Two Cents for What It Is Worth

Date: Thursday, April 29, 2021 1:34 PM EDT

After listening to President Biden last evening, I thought i would offer my two cents regarding his speech.

It was great and very well presented.  I loved it.  Period.

The President was right when he said, never bet against the United States.  Freedom, which is what makes democracy great, is a dominating economic force.  It is the freedom of every individual's mind that makes the United States' approach superior to authoritarian rule.  Democracy is slow in making decisions compared to authoritarian regimes, but the freedom of the cumulative mind offers faster and superior options than can be offered under any benevolent dictator, let alone a non-benevolent dictator.

I do not worry as much about big government as i do big government not covering expenses and being responsible.  It simply goes against common sense to spend more than you bring in.  In the long run that is a strategy for disaster.  Yes, tax corporations and the rich.  It really is time for the country's largest benefactors to pay their fair share of America's new and necessary initiatives.  The wealth gains made by our nation's rich would not have been made in any other country. 

But taxes are not enough.  It is also time to bring down unnecessary government expenses.  President Biden hinted at that type of change with his prescription drug point, but that should only be the beginning.

We spend twice as much on health care than any other country in the world without showing any increased health benefits.  Get those prices down, not just in prescription drugs, but in every health care procedure.  The same goes for defense spending.  Yes, we want to keep our power advantage, but we should be able to do that even with cuts in a bloated defense budget.  Health care and defense reductions along with appropriate tax increases should allow the President's agenda to be met without digging us into an inappropriate deficit hole.

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