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Infrastructure Revisited

Date: Thursday, April 1, 2021 5:44 AM EDT

Yesterday, i listened to President Biden's speach given in Pittsburgh regarding Infrastructure.  I thought it was a "great speech" and i thought the President hasa good speech writing team.  I also listened to what AOC had to say about Infrastructure on Madow's MSNBC show last night.  I am not sure, whether it is just because i like to look and listen to AOC (with her big eyes and quirky, enlightening smile), but i thought she made some very good points.

And that is this:  Either Go Big or Don't Go At All.  She was talking more in terms of $4-10 trillion in Infrastructure than Biden's $2 Trillion.

Now, based upon things i have written earlier, this put my thoughts to wonder.  Personally, i like AOC's numbers better than Biden's, but not unless we can pay for it without busting "a balanced budget".  As i have spoken many times before in relation to my globanomic theory, the U.S. needs to operate honestly with a balanced budget.  We should in fact run a surplus, so we can begin paying off debt and becoming a wisened global investor.  The balancing of the budget supercedes the need even for Infrastructure.

This does not mean you cannot do Infrastructure even to higher levels.  Instead it simply means that you need to reduce expenditures and increase revenues.  Increasing revenues is not the only tool in the shed.  Other tools are needed, too.  Now here are a few examples:  (1) reduce health care--social welfare costs using techniques like those i mentioned in a blog a couple of days ago; (2) use part of the defense budget as part of your infrastructure initiative--hell we have tried to do nation building with our military forces before--why can't we do some nation building with them here in this country; (3) make sure we are not overpaying for the protection of others; etc. etc. etc.

Start really thinking outside the box.  Get Steve Ratner to develop a spreadsheet for you.  One where you can play with "real assumptions" that keeps the budget balanced with infrastructure included.

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