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Author of Globanomics. Jim has nearly fifty years of professional experience in the development of management information and analytical business decision support systems. Broadly disciplined with exceptional experience. Education includes an MBA from the Wharton School-University of Pennsylvania, ... more


S Why It's Time For U.S. Business To Pay Their Fair Share
We can tax business on "market value" gains and still leave plenty for investors. Trickle-down economics is a myth.
Is China's Influence Around The World Really Growing?
Why I think China's influence economically is overstated.
S The Performance Evaluation Report Card (PERC) Methodology Explained
A PERC program can be put in place in response to a crisis to drive rapid improvements, but can be also run for years or decades in order to prevent future problems. It is a powerful system with a light touch.
S Embryos Of Globanomics And Some Of Its Principals
A discussion about the embryos of globanomics and some of its principals.
S The China Is A "Paper Tiger" Thing Revisited
I have been giving more thought to my claim that China is a “paper tiger." Let's see how China fares against other countries in the ten business categories defined in the Forbes Global 2000 business market value index.
S Ten-Year History Of Global Investment By Market Category
Ten business sectors account for the total global market value, which was $36.9 Trillion in 2011 and $54.3 Trillion in 2020. Let's have a look at the ten-year history of global investment by market category.


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Learning What It Means To Be Patient
5 months ago

I believe in drugs, but sometimes my grammar is weak because of that.

Linda's Feedback
5 months ago

Good idea.   i intend to do just that.  Thanks.

Globanomics Is A Book For The Holidays
5 months ago

Thanks.  Yeah, i know how hard it is to get noticed.  Globanomics is my sixth book and my royalties last month for all six of my books came to a grand total of $0.42.

Although i think all of my previous books should have been "best sellers", reality has proven that that is not really the case.  I like all of my previous books a lot, but i will have to admit that i put more of my "heart and soul" into Globanomics than anything i have previously written--although there is quite a bit of heart and soul in the other works, too.

Ten Reasons To Read Globanomics
5 months ago

Thank you for your thought.  But, yes, i have given some thought to something like what you said, but so far i have chosen not to go down that path.  It's not that i want to get "rich" or that--it's just the fact that my book is worth at least the ten dollars (six if kindle) that i am asking.  And i think that is the way i plan to keep it.  Sorry if that prices you out of the market.  

From Non-Fiction To Science Fiction
6 months ago

If you go to the top of this post (or any of my other posts) where you see my picture, click on the "blue" Globanomics by the place where it says: Contributor's links.

From Non-Fiction To Science Fiction
6 months ago

Here is the link:

Globanomics: (Love, Freedom, and Understanding): Boswell, Jim: 9798760225986: Amazon.com: Books

6 months ago

Your point being?

From Non-Fiction To Science Fiction
6 months ago

I see you get my point.

Following Up On Corporate Wealth Tax
7 months ago

It's hard to change the "market value" of your company.  Investors decide that.  The corporate value tax is the way to go.  It is a much fairer approach than taxing income.  Heck, with the corporate tax, no one would even have to fill out forms, the tax could be figured on January 1 each year.  If a U.S. company decided to move offshore, then that company should also lose all the benefits that go along with being part of the United States. 

Another Poetic Sutra And Globanomics-Chapter 3
7 months ago
Thank you.  I appreciate that.
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