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Through intensive study, Jim has become an expert in working with IRAs and other retirement plans.  In addition, Jim has taken the extra steps to become an Enrolled Agent, which means that he is enrolled to practice before the IRS.  Adding to these specialties, Jim is an expert in ... more


What To Do When You Receive A Notice From The IRS
You’re cruising along with everyday life, dealing with this, that and the other thing… then you go to the mailbox and there it is: A Notice From The IRS.
Why Is There WEP (Windfall Elimination Provision) In Social Security?
During your career, you may have worked for a governmental agency or a foreign employer where there was no Social Security tax withheld from your earnings (Job A).
The Day I Was Asked If I Buy And Sell Gold
The only reason to buy gold is to re-sell it. It’s the valuation issue that causes the most problems for gold.
What Can A Broker Do For You?
You have choices when it comes to investing.
Babies From 1960: 2020 Is A Year You’ll Never Forget
The year 2020 is, for many obvious reasons, going to be a year none of us will forget anytime soon.
Coronavirus Stimulus Check – 2020 Income Wrinkle
The nature of the coronavirus stimulus check is that it is an advance refundable credit for your 2020 tax return (to be filed in 2021).





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Don’t Forget The Saver’s Credit On Your Tax Return
Did you realize that there is a saver’s credit available to you for your contributions to retirement plans? There are income limits, but this type of credit can be exactly what you need to get you started on your retirement savings activities.

Work Experience

Blankenship Financial Planning, Ltd.
January 2003 - Present (18 years 2 months)

Financial advisory service, providing advice on all facets of individual and small business finances. Compensated on an hourly or project basis, much like an attorney. As a result, there are no minimums in terms of net worth or salary in order to work with me. This can also assure you will have "no doubts" when working with me - you pay only for objective advice, not investment or insurance products.


Eureka College
1981 / 1985
Computer Science