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As Head of Global Investment Research for Alhambra Investment Partners, Jeff spearheads the investment research efforts while providing close contact to Alhambra’s client base.
Jeff joined Atlantic Capital Management, Inc., in Buffalo, NY, as an intern while completing studies at ... more

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China’s Coronavirus Is The New Trade War
The IFO stumbles out of the gate. At 95.9 for January 2020, that’s less than the 96.1 put up in December and well behind the 97.3 which had been forecast.
Euro$ #4 Turns Three
IHS Markit’s Composite US PMI rose to a 10-month high in January 2020. According to its flash estimate, the index was up to 53.1 from 52.7 in the final reading for December 2019.
FX, Repo, And Another ‘Strong’ Labor Market
Between the summer of 2011 and February 2012, the unemployment rate experienced its largest half-year drop since the huge recovery that had been taking place in 1984.
The Astonishing Odds And Ends In November TIC
Everyone thinks the Fed has “fixed” the repo market with the same bank reserves it didn’t fix the repo market with before.
Shining Some TIC Light On The Missing (More Than) Half Of The Ongoing Repo Story
The TIC data continues to pile up repo demand (cash) from US banks at the same time it displays how US banks owe foreigners.
The Big And Small Of Leading Japan
For the Japanese economy as well as the whole global system, another confirmed downturn no matter how much longer it lasts is that economic pit of despair getting bigger and bigger.
Less Shine In The Sentiment Formula
The IMF yesterday downgraded its forecasts for global growth as well as its real GDP estimates for all the big economy regions.
Neither US Retail Nor Industry Ended 2019 In A Good Place
Combining retail sales with industrial production, it sure doesn’t look like the US economy began 2020 in a “good place”. It didn’t crash and burn, but the absence of something immediately worse than a sustained downturn doesn’t make it good.
China Enters 2020 Still (Intent On) Managing Its Decline
Ongoing problems in Europe, emerging ones in the US labor market, and a Chinese economy that keeps letting everyone down – if only because the narrative-makers continue to read from Keynes.
Germany, Maybe Europe: No Signs Of The Bottom
Germany has been Ground Zero for this globally synchronized downturn. That’s where it began, meaning first showed up, all the way back at the start of 2018.
Why So Much Fuss Over SOFR?
More than two years into the SOFR regime, it’s not really going all that well.
Inflation, But Only At The Morgue
Conventional wisdom says that the economy is booming again. The Global Financial Crisis was finally overcome, and the global system put right after so many sluggish years. Thank you, central bankers, for your courage!
Why 2014? Less (Big) Banks, Fewer ‘Dollars’, No Growth
The excuses for problems in global liquidity and the dollar-based banking system, in general, have run the gamut of regulatory exercises.
De-Dollarization By Default Is Not What You Might Think
Last month, a group of central bank governors from across the South Pacific region gathered in Australia to move forward the idea of a KYC utility.
Clarida Picks Up Some Data
The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) has had a rough run of late. Shipping rates on the most important commodity routes, which the index measures, have been down sharply.
Not Abating, Not By A Longshot
Month-to-month changes aside, Mexican industry continues to paint a bleak picture of global activity.
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