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Stocks: Too Late For Rescue
Wall Street is defying basic physics. It’s rising (to rarefied levels) even as money has been flowing out. How can this be? Well, to me, it’s another sign that something wicked this way comes.
The Leading Edge Of The Dollar Hurricane
U.S. exports are down nearly $64 billion so far this year, and yet the Fed is flirting with raising interest rates. Can you imagine the economic storm if the dollar gets any stronger?
Wall Street Destroying The Economy?
Despite the Fed’s blather, America’s chemistry is off. An ingredient necessary for a vibrant economy is missing. One look at the data will show you exactly what’s missing and why.
Basic Income Will Kill The Economy
In a world where machines can make perfect burgers, there’s no need for $15-an-hour burger flippers. But the solution, basic income, is more science fiction than fact.
Brexit Rips Apart The Global Economy
Brexit wasn’t just about the U.K. leaving the EU. All of Europe was watching, waiting for the green light to start shouting for their own referendum. There is only one safe haven in this storm.
The Danger Of The Fed's Tall Tales
Don’t believe anything saying a rate hike is on the table in July. It’s not.




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Breaking The American Consumer
Every bit of economic data is dished up for consumption. A one-off snapshot that says nothing about the true state of the U.S. economy … that a consumer-driven downturn on the way.
Minimum Wage Is Dooming The American Worker
With the advent of $15 an hour, labor has won what it considers a seminal victory in the minimum wage battle. But the math just doesn’t add up, and it will end up killing the U.S. economy.

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