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Before joining Mauldin Economics, Jared was one of Wall Street’s preeminent risk-takers. After receiving his MBA from the University of San Francisco, he got hired by Wall Street giant Lehman Brothers where he worked from 2001 to 2008—first as an index arbitrage trader and then as ... more

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The Right Side
Global trade is in retreat, and if companies are really forced to bring their supply chains home, you can count on huge cost increases.
No Dollar Shortage
It’s fun to watch the narrative shift in real-time. We have been living in a long USD regime off and on since about 2013, and we have just shifted to a weak USD regime.
Inflation And The Right Tail
It sure seems like we’re going to get inflation. Precious metals are roofing, copper is flying, the yield curve is steep (under the circumstances), and every other indicator is flashing green for go.
All Summer In A Day
What should your holding period on stocks be? Ideally, forever.
Complaint Department: The Fed Buying Corporate Bonds
A few days ago, the Federal Reserve announced that it would buy a “broad portfolio” of corporate bonds, to go along with its ETF purchases. Once again, everything the Fed has done has benefited the big over the small.
EC Casino Closed, Markets Open
The financial markets are not a zero-sum game, but there is a house. Market-makers are the house. And the odds are firmly in their favor.
I Pity The Fool
The Fed is more or less doing MMT as we speak. But rather than giving printed dollars to the Treasury, it’s using the bond market as a conduit. Trillions in bond issuance, financed by trillions of dollars of printed money.
A Problem Of Accumulation
People complain about the Fed. Endlessly. Incessantly.
The TSLA Rodeo
In the book on short squeezes, what just happened with TSLA ​will probably be in the first chapter.
Everything You Wanted To Know About Gold But Were Afraid To Ask
GLD is still trucking to this day, and it’s the most liquid and practical way to buy large quantities of gold.
Bonds And Bond Funds
With individual bonds, if you are right you make a little. If you are wrong, you lose everything. Investing in individual bonds is a negative art. Investing in bond funds is not.
Dispatches From Bond-Land
By this point, you have probably heard that $15 trillion of bonds are trading with negative yields, which represents 25% of all sovereign bonds outstanding. Lots of people are indignant about this—but it’s no use getting mad at the market.
Take Small Bites
Treasury bonds are relatively straightforward (probably why 34% of bond investors in the survey said they were mostly invested in them).
The Curious Case Of The ZIRP NIRP Gold Bugs
President Trump recently nominated Judy Shelton to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. She is the United States director for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which I had never heard of until her nomination.
The Trump Train
Trump’s influence on monetary policy is unquestionably bad. He has obliterated decades of presidential norms and has set a precedent that will result in more executive interference at the Fed, resulting in (eventually) sharply higher inflation.
EC Picking Up Nickels In Front Of A Steamroller
It is said that income investing is a negative art. Your goal isn’t to pick the winners—it’s to avoid the losers.
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