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The Force Will Awaken in 2016

Date: Wednesday, January 6, 2016 5:03 PM EDT

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This has been the worst year of my life. So bad I thought I would die, over and over.

But then wonderful things happened. Things that will change me forever. 

And nobody really knew because I practiced my own daily practice throughout.

I say this not because I want sympathy. I say it because I’m proud.

I trusted The Force.

Let’s not forget what happens to the people in Star Wars who believe in The Force.

– Luke watches Obi-Wan get killed by Luke’s father
– Luke’s uncle and aunt are killed by The Empire and burned to ashes.
– Luke loses his hand in a fight with his father
– Obi-Wan lives for 20 years by himself. No sex.
– Yoda is exiled after basically ruling the galaxy.
– Obi-wan watches his teacher killed by Darth Maul.
– Obi-wan gets killed by the student he trained. The same student he cut the arms off of and left to die.
– Anakin can’t save his wife
– Princess Leia’s home world gets blown up.
– Rey (the Force Awakens) lives in total poverty after being abandoned by her parents.

In all seven movies nobody has regrets after any of these bad things. Nor do they seem to think good things will automatically happen to them because they “have faith”.

There is simply no other way to live for them. As Yoda says to Luke, “Luminous being are we…not this crude matter.”

So why worry about this crude matter when you can live a life of surrendering to whatever the current moment delivers up to you?

Are we here to always have good things happen? Or to explore the wide spectrum of what life delivers?

So my theme for 2016 is to be a Jedi Knight, as corny as that sounds. What does it mean for me?


I am always anxious about the future. Or I regret the past. It’s hard not to regret losing lifetimes worth of money.

It’s hard not to feel anxious about the future for me, my family, my loved ones, my friends, because everything is so frustratingly uncertain.

But recognize when those worries come up, and bring it back to right now. What can I do now to best serve the cards dealt me this moment?

Anxiety will only take away energy (the Force) from the current moment and never solve the problems of the future.

I saw this again and again this past year. What a waste it was to ask “Why?” about moments already gone, instead of trusting my own resources for the next moments.


The universe , then the Earth, then our species, evolved for 13 billion years to produce you.

And then it’s so easy to think, “thanks guys. I’ll take over from here.”

Trusting that nature, that the work you’ve already put in in life., that the people around you are all your allies (Yoda again: “The Force is my ally”) doesn’t mean that everything will be good.

It just means that everything will be enough. What more do you need if you can then appreciate the subtle beauty that interweaves everything around you. The beauty of coincidence that filters all of the events in your life.

How do you create more coincidences in life? It’s two simple tricks:

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