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I provide market insights at Global Prime. I've gathered over a decade of experience in capital markets. I focus on providing expert market analysis to Global Prime’s global clients and media outlets, with special expertise in currencies.

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How To Define Your Bias In USD/JPY?
A model that will help you stay on the safe side of the market when trading the US Dollar against the Japanese Yen.
Forex Trading Pattern: The M & W Formation
The power of a double top/bottom price formation.
How To Gauge Flows In The Aussie Market?
A model to estimate potential flows in the Australian vs US Dollar market.
Canadian Vs US Dollar: 3 In 1 Trading Lessons
A series of lessons on a short USD/CAD trade. From the importance of trendlines, through how to properly trade an H&S-like pattern, to constantly looking to enter the market when the Intermarket flows are in agreement.
Building A Micro Flow-Following Model To Trade Forex
Exploring the idea of finding concurrence among 3 key components (technicals, intermarket, and levels) to increase the quality of trades found.
1 to 5 of 5 Posts