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Median Household Income In May 2022
Political Calculations' initial estimate of median household income in May 2022 is $77,265, an increase of $702 (or 0.92%) from the initial estimate of $76,563 in April.
Future Dividend Watch At The End Of 2022-Q2
We're now in the gap between when the index's dividend futures contracts for 2022-Q2 have expired and the actual end of the calendar quarter, which makes it a good time to see what investors expect for the rest of the year.
New Home Sales Boosting U.S. Economy
May 2022's new home sales in the United States were stronger than expected.
The S&P 500 Enters Bear Market Territory As Fed Hikes Interest Rates
After running into President Biden's wall of inflation the previous week, the index plunged into the bear market territory.
The Repeated Rises And Falls Of U.S. Imports Of Russian Crude Oil
From time to time, we take on the challenge of telling a complex story through a picture. The story of the crude oil imported by the United States from Russia is just that kind of story because of all the economics and geopolitics involved.
2022 Cost Of Fourth Of July Summer Cookout Increases By Double-Digit Percentage
Last year, President Biden made news when he boasted how Americans were saving 16 cents in the cost of a summer Fourth of July cookout under his administration compared to the $59.66 they paid for the same meal in the summer of 2019.


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GE's Looming Dividend Cut
3 years ago

Culp pulled the trigger - GE's quarterly dividend has been cut to 1 cent per share. At the same time, the Power divisions will be split into two divisions, with an additional $22 billion writedown of goodwill associated with it. Some breaking perspectives:

In a nutshell, earnings took a big hit, with very few bright spots (GE Aviation being one).

In this article: GE
August 2018 Median Household Income
3 years ago

Typo alert! The second sentence in the Analyst's Notes section should read as follows:

Our alternate estimate is up by 0.4% from the $62,152 preliminary figure that we had previously reported for July 2018, which we would revise upward this month to be $62,184.

An increase to $625,184 would have truly been remarkable!

The Impact Of The U.S.- China Trade War On Their Trade To Date
3 years ago

Very good points - thank you for your comments! We should also recognize that China's retaliatory tariffs are having a similar effect on Chinese consumers where U.S. goods are involved. Where the interests of regular people are involved, tariffs are not a positive development, no matter why they're applied.

The Impact Of The U.S.- China Trade War On Their Trade To Date
3 years ago

Clearly, we hadn't yet have enough coffee when we wrote:

"where we can use a the linear trend established in the months before any tariffs were first imposed as a counterfactual for what the value of trade would be in the absence of their budding trade war with each other."

If we had more caffeine, and a do-over, we would make that:

"where we can use the trend established in the months before any tariffs were first imposed as a counterfactual to tell us what the value of trade would be in the absence of their budding trade war with each other."

Small differences, but much clearer!...

New Home Sales Market Continues Deceleration
3 years ago

Our thanks to TalkMarkets' editors for updating the article with the corrected version of the animated chart so quickly! [For those wondering what we're talking about, we had erroneously posted a version of the chart that only showed data through December 2017.]

Either GE Or Its Dividend, And Possibly Both, Are Set To Shrink
3 years ago

Thanks for your comments. We're expressing our own takeaway from Flannery's earlier comments. I would agree that Flannery did not intend to set that expectation, but since investors reacted the way they did to those remarks, it would appear that we weren't alone in having that impression.

From a practical management standpoint, if a dividend cut was being considered for the immediate future, GE could have followed through with announcing it in June, where we think that the impact to its stock price would have been minimal because the expectation of a dividend cut among investors had already effectively lowered the stock price. In other words, the expectation was built in. And, to a certain extent, it still is.

If GE does ultimately follow through and announce another dividend cut later, we would describe the June meeting as a missed opportunity for GE's leadership to get the negative impact behind them earlier. That said, I hope the company's business outlook stabilizes and it doesn't have to come to that - we would much rather analyze the company's successful turnaround!

In this article: GE
U.S. Recession Probability Ticks Slightly Up After Fed Does Nothing
4 years ago

Correction - need to fix the date in the second paragraph, where the affected sentence should read as follows:

Or to put it more simply, there is currently very little chance that the National Bureau of Economic Research will someday declare that a national recession began in the U.S. between now and 22 September 2018 as based upon Jonathan Wright's recession forecasting method.

U.S. Student Loan Explosion
5 years ago

Correction: That should be $137 billion in the last paragraph (not "$137 million").

Roiling Under The Surface With The S&P 500 In Week 2 Of June 2017
5 years ago

Quick follow up: We got our wires crossed in reading the FedWatch model - with a now 87% probability that the Fed will not hike interest rates in 2017-Q3, it is actually largely in agreement with what the S&P 500 and dividend futures are telling us!

In this article: SPX
Update: The National Dividend Through December 2016
5 years ago

Typo alert! The third paragraph should read:

"With that introduction now out of the way, we can now update the U.S.' national dividend through the end of 2016."

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