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I am a 40 something personal investor. I work in the Internet space for a very well know company by day. At night I research and invest in the stock market; particularly options and dividend stocks. My day and night life do not intersect and this is why unlike some personal blogs about investing ...more



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Flowers Foods Stock Buy
8 years ago

I'm a DGI investor first and an #options trader second. I do capture gains during really hot markets. Then I sell options to get the same stocks back at a lower price. This tends to irritate many who follow my blog. Not sure why, it's my money ;-). Best of luck to you.

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Flowers Foods Stock Buy
8 years ago

I almost bought in the $14s but I wanted to see what my option was going to do after earnings. I think we're both ok on entry price here, as long as we hold for a while.

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The 10 Best Stocks For Value Investors This Week – 6/20/15
9 years ago

Fantastic list of companies here. I am happy to say I won a few :-)

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