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What A Morning
It’s difficult for equity traders to imagine more positive news flow than what we’ve seen this morning.
Europe: The Week Ahead (June 17-21), The NIRP Center Of Sweden’s Debt Dilemma
The volume of non-financial corporate debt issuance has generally skyrocketed over the past decade, amid ultra-low, zero, and even negative interest rate policies at several central banks, including Sweden’s Riksbank.
New Mexico Eyes US$625m Of Gas Supply Revenue Refunding Bonds As NatGas Prices Plummet
The New Mexico Municipal Energy Acquisition Authority is poised to price around US$625m worth of gas supply revenue and acquisition bonds in June, while natural gas costs continue to plunge.
The Week Ahead (June 10-14), Brexit Uncertainties Mean U2, Ireland
Investors in the week ahead will receive salient updates on Ireland’s economy, including housing costs, inflation, and trade figures, while uncertainties over Brexit continue to swell.
Home Depot Braves Market Volatility With Benchmark Bond Sale
Atlanta-based home improvement giant Home Depot has braved the recent downturn in the risk-taking tone Monday to sell new bonds.
Asia-Pacific: The Week Ahead (June 3-7)
Investors looking at emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region will receive some salient economic data from the Philippines in the week ahead, including inflation and unemployment figures.
Trying To Explain Market Activity
There are some days when we struggle to explain the market activity. Today is not one of them.
Europe: The Week Ahead (June 3-7)
The National Bank of Serbia will decide on its key policy rate in the week ahead, amid rising inflation pressures in the country, as well as reignited tensions with Kosovo.
LA Set To Issue US$1.7bn In TRANs To Help Cover Pension Costs
The County of Los Angeles is eyeing a sale of US$700m worth of Tax and Revenue Anticipation Notes (TRANs), amid a massive increase in the city’s budget and turnaround in its economic health.
Europe: The Week Ahead (May 27-31)
Market participants in the week ahead will receive updated figures on Belgium’s rates of inflation and economic growth, amid an increasingly gloomy landscape across the European continent.
Intel Sees Project Funding On Horizon As Semiconductor Sector Gets Hammered
Municipal bond investors will likely be eyeing the potential sale of US$500m worth of revenue bonds, earmarked by Chandler, Arizona’s Industrial Development Authority to help bolster Intel Corp’s chip-making plants in the state.
The Week Ahead (May 27-31), South Korea: Trade Feuds Fuel Growth Fears
South Korea’s economy appears to have taken a hit recently from U.S.-China trade-related effects, as the week ahead brings further color on the country’s consumer and business confidence, as well as a rate decision from the Bank of Korea.
This Deal Did Not Go Down The Drain: Waste Management Brings US$4bn Bond To Market
While recent volatility temporarily stymied the U.S. investment-grade corporate bond primary market, issuers have taken advantage of the newfound calm to resume sales.
Europe: The Week Ahead (May 15-22)
Market participants are set to receive the National Bank of Romania’s monetary policy decision in the week ahead, while consumer prices continue to post higher-than-expected increases.
The U.S. Week Ahead: Muni Market (May 13-17)
In this video, we provide some insights into the muni bond market, with highlights on a UPMC Revenue Bond deal in the pipeline.
What Did They Sell Us?
In case there were any holdouts who didn’t believe that the market had priced in a positive outcome to the US-China trade talks, today’s market activity should erase any remaining doubts.
1 to 16 of 135 Posts
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