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E Bank Of Thailand Promises Improvement In 2021 Q2
The BoT has come out with an announcement stating that the local economy will finally start to uptick in the second quarter of the next fiscal year. More than 9 months to finally see some growth.
E Best-Performing Currencies In 2020
For everyone who takes part in the trading industry, keeping pace with the latest trends of the currency market is of vital importance.
E The Economic Potential Of Cameroon And Its Future
Despite the unresolved political upheaval and security difficulties facing the country, The economy of Cameroon had a 4.1% growth rate in 2019 as a result of growth in consumption, a dynamic tertiary sector, and growth in investment.
E UK Unemployment Rises As More Lay-Offs Are Announced
The increased unemployment rate is one of the most concerning matters in the United Kingdom today. COVID-19 had a huge impact on employees all over the world and British workers are among those who still try to recover but without any real hope.
E Norway's Attempts At Diversifying The Economy - Results In 2020
Years of attempting balance but all for naught? There have been a lot of ups and downs in the history of Norway’s economy. In general, the country has a relatively stable economy with a large state sector and a vibrant private sector.
E Regulation Is The Biggest Concern For Financial Companies Moving Into Africa
There was a time when the whole continent of Africa was considered one of the best places for doing business. Now, it's not the abundance of regulation, but the lack of resources to enforce it.


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