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My passion is understanding causes and effects within complex system / environments of all kinds. As a native German who partially grew up in Italy and England, spent 12 years in the United States and choose to settle in Singapore I am fascinated how people are shaped by their environments and ... more

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Nationalization Of Industry Has Begun With Fed Buying Corporate Bonds
Jeff Deist speaks about why the shutdown of the U.S. economy is unjustified and how nationalization of the industry has begun with the Federal Reserve starting to buy stocks.
We Are In Stage 2 Of The Five Stages Of Economic Collapse
A walk through the five stages of collapse that is unfolding right now. Why are we already in stage two of the collapse and what the coming stages will look like?
Time To Exit Gold & Silver And Precious Metals Stocks At Least 18 Months Away
SBTV's latest guest Rick Rule, President & CEO of Sprott USA Holdings, believes that individuals should 'reset' themselves to become antifragile during such times of fragility and shares a ton of gold and silver knowledge that should not be missed.
5000-Year Record High In Gold Silver Ratio Forecasting Worst Financial Crisis Ahead
SBTV welcomes back David Morgan, Silver Guru and publisher of The Morgan Report, as we discuss how the record high in the gold silver ratio is no coincidence. Rather, it is forecasting the worst financial crisis ahead.
Watch Oil For Recovery Of Silver Price
SBTV speaks with Lior Gantz, Founder of Wealth Research Group, about how the world is now battling the same crisis at this moment and why the silver price is heading for a recovery.
China On The Rise & Will Inevitably Eclipse The U.S.
Jim Rogers discusses the crisis in the markets and why China's rise is inevitable and unsurprising given the decline of the U.S. over the last few decades.
Physical Gold & Silver Market: Why Premiums Rise Despite Massive Crash In Prices
Gregor discusses the inner workings of the physical gold and silver market with details of why premiums for bullion have risen despite the massive fall in prices in Mar 2020.
Biggest Question Right Now: Are We Entering Only A Recession Or A Depression?
SBTV's latest guest is Ronald Stoeferle, Managing Partner at Incrementum AG and co-author of the In Gold We Trust report. At this moment, the real economy is hurting and the biggest question is: Are we entering a recession or a depression?
Silver Is A Coiled Spring Wound Even Tighter Now
Tavi Costa discusses why the virus outbreak is looking to be the last nail in the coffin for overvalued stocks and the economy.
Worrying Anomalies With U.S. Gold Reserves At Fort Knox
SBTV's latest guest is Jan Nieuwenhuijs, a precious metals analyst with Voima Gold. Jan used to write under the Koos Jansen pen name and is well known for his research in the China gold market, Chinese gold reserves and the global monetary system.
Mere 10% Gold & Silver 'Insurance' Is FUBAR, Now Is The Time To Protect Wealth
Steve believes energy has a huge impact on the price of gold and silver. He sees the world transitioning from a time to build wealth to a time to protect wealth with physical gold and silver bullion.
FV Investors Complacent To Economic Fallout From Coronavirus
Marc Faber believes the biggest economic issue today is the spread of the coronavirus.
$2000 Gold Coming And Brace For The Greatest Depression Ever Seen By Early 2021
Gerald Celent shares one of his boldest forecast, he expects $2,000 gold price as early as end-2020 and prepares for the onset of the greatest depression the world has ever seen by early 2021.
Smart Money In Gold Foresaw Repo Market Crisis As Early As June 2019
Dave Kranzler speaks about gold's new bull market run and how smart money in the gold market could have anticipated the problems in the repo market and bought gold, driving prices above multi-year resistances.
Global Depression Would Have Happened If The Federal Reserve Had Not Done 'Not-QE'
Frank Holmes speaks about the global depression that would have set in because of the 2019 repo market liquidity.
If Trump Loses, It Will Ignite The Gold & Silver Bull Market Further
Ken Lewis believes we will see higher gold and silver prices should Donald Trump loses the elections.
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