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My passion is understanding causes and effects within complex system / environments of all kinds. As a native German who partially grew up in Italy and England, spent 12 years in the United States and choose to settle in Singapore I am fascinated how people are shaped by their environments and ... more

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De-Dollarization: Aim To Bypass The Dollar Has Gone Mainstream
Ronald Stoeferl speaks about gold in the age of eroding trust, and the growing global sentiment to de-dollarize.
FV 1 In 3000 Junior Miners Find An Economic Gold Deposit
Brian Leni discusses why gold is a must have insurance, the challenges with mining gold and also why he is bullish on nickel in the coming years.
Current Credit Cycle Is The Most Ponzi Of All Time
Jesse Felder warns that current asset bubbles induced by policies of the Federal Reserve have been blown to epic Ponzi levels.
Gold Is Increasingly Becoming More Portable Globally
Digix Global a company that is tokenizing real-world physical assets like gold on the blockchain.
Sovereign Gold & Silver Perform Better In The Long Term
Kenneth Lewis discusses about precious metals market.
Cryptocurrencies Make Gold & Silver Even More Portable
Tim Picciott sees cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to be complementary to gold and silver.
Silver Speculations: From Nelson Bunker Hunt To Warren Buffett
Comparing the silver trade of Warren Buffett and the Hunt brothers.
Electric Vehicle And Battery Metal News - March 2019
The latest news from around the world on the Electric Vehicle Revolution and Battery Metals.
Electric Vehicles Are Unquestionably The Future
Caspar Rawles discusses the electric vehicle revolution and sheds light on the ongoing global battery arms race of which the US is a bystander.
FV Italy Could Spark The Next Global Debt Crisis
Bail-ins will be the first resort in the next crisis.
Silver Has Incredibly Better Fundamentals Than Gold
Daniel Ameduri discussed future Fed rate hikes, the state of US debt, outlook for gold and silver and mining stocks.
Oil Cartel Siding With China Can Destabilize The Petrodollar
Luke Gromen discusses the impending dollar crisis and what likely scenarios can destabilize the petrodollar in the coming years.
Electric Vehicle And Battery Metal News - February 2019
The latest news from around the world on the Electric Vehicle Revolution and Battery Metals.
Go International To Diversify And Protect Wealth
David Drummond discusses gold self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and the benefits of going international/offshore to diversify wealth in times of economic uncertainty.
Watch Palladium Closely: Achilles' Heel Of The Paper Metals Markets
Craig Hemke sees risks in the palladium market that could unravel the paper metals market.
Peak Gold Is Here: No Major Gold Discoveries And Falling Exploration Dollars
Has gold production plateaued and are there less capital invested in gold exploration?
1 to 16 of 57 Posts
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