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Fabrice Drouin Ristori is the CEO and founder of He follows and analyzes the gold and silver markets since 2008. Fabrice shares his thoughts on the economy, stock markets, geopolitics, gold and silver.

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Why The Price Of Silver Could Soar In 2022
Silver will be revalued very strongly in a few months, and it is the banks that capped the prices which will participate in the opposite manipulation.
The ECB Loses Control Of The Situation And Looks For Scapegoats
As a leading indicator of consumer prices, inflation is bound to continue rising in Europe's largest economy.
Inflation: How The Cantillon Effect Is Ruining Us
"Inflation is transitory", say the central banks, but nothing could be further from the truth as they feed this money flow with their money printing machines! They are the problem.
Energy Crisis: Metals At Historic Highs
If you look at the metal prices on the LME, the London metals market, they are at their all-time highs. Why?
Silver Is One Of The Best Positioned Trades Out There Right Now
The Fed is trapped and can't raise rates, silver and silver miners are primed to move higher.
The Potemkin Village Of European Public Debt
The ECB is building a Potemkin village of European public debt, to keep up appearances, hoping that inflation will not undermine the whole thing.
Gold Under Short Selling Pressure From Hedge Funds
Gold is now being sold short by a growing number of hedge funds. These sales are associated with the reading of the bearish configuration of the ‘inverted head and shoulders’ figure.
Evergrande, The "Chinese Lehman Brothers"?
Evergrande, China's largest property developer, directly employs 200,000 people and indirectly employs 3.8 million people. Problem: the group is bankrupt and announced on September 14 that it is facing a risk of default.
Stagflation, Markets In Danger Of Sell-Off & Gold
Several structural problems in the U.S. could cause a slowdown in economic growth soon, with stagflation hitting and lasting for the next six months.
Alert: Real Interest Rate Collapses
Central banks are stuck and condemned to see the value of their currencies deteriorate, hoping that inflation will be "temporary".
The Best Horizons In Time For Investing In Gold
Gold is an extremely singular asset that has demonstrated some utterly remarkable characteristics of late.
Precious Metals At Their Cheapest Levels Relative To Other Commodities Since 2009
Precious metals are now at their cheapest levels relative to other commodities since 2009.
Why You Should Own Gold Now
Lawrence Lepard is an experienced investor and fund manager who has focused on the precious metals sector since the 2008 financial crisis.
Solar, Basel III, Wall Street Silver: Why The Price Of Silver Will Go Up Sharply
When silver finally breaks the bitterly defended resistance of $ 28-30, all speculators will rush to gamble silver's rise in one way or another, strengthening the Wall Street Silver movement.
EC The Alternatives To The Dollar: Euro, Renminbi, Gold And Cryptocurrencies
Today, we are going to continue sharing our thoughts on de-dollarization, starting with the question of oil, one that crops up regularly.
The Impossible Rise In Rates, Central Banks Are Stuck
The American and European central banks - the Fed and the ECB - would have us believe that they will be able to raise their key rates when the time comes
1 to 16 of 230 Posts
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