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Fabrice Drouin Ristori is the CEO and founder of He follows and analyzes the gold and silver markets since 2008. Fabrice shares his thoughts on the economy, stock markets, geopolitics, gold and silver.

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The "COVID Debt" Entirely Repurchased By The ECB, The EU Does Financial Cavalry
Debt issues exploded with the COVID crisis.
France: The Catastrophic Situation Of The Government Budget
Is the French budgetary situation recoverable? Les Echos tells us that in 2020 and in 2121, the government will be financed as much by debt as by taxes, and the amount of debt issuances will be as high as tax revenues.
The Secret Link Between Gold And Oil
We are currently seeing a divergence between two fundamental commodities: oil is essential for economic growth, while gold is essential during a crisis.
A Collapse Of The European Economy Is To Be Feared
What if the current period is more serious for the economy than last spring's lockdown?
The IMF's New Bretton Woods Moment
On October 8, the US Mint announced that "to cover the increase in its costs and not be a burden on the US Treasury, resetting the price of silver is necessary."
Gold, A Decentralized Asset, And This Is Its Strength
Several elements contribute to the value of Bitcoin: being a means of payment, limited in quantity (no more than 21 million units), and above all - because otherwise, the previous qualities would lose their interest - its decentralization.
European Bank Mergers Won't Solve Anything
Are we witnessing a movement of European bank mergers? Rumors have been circulating for several years about a merger between Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank or with BNP Paribas, between Société Générale and Unicredit, but nothing has happened so far.
Central Bank Analysis: Eurasia Leads In Gold Purchases
Central banks can base their investment strategy on many factors, but the main reasons for recent gold purchases remain increased economic and political risks, as well as low and negative interest rates.
How Can We Explain The Drop In Gold And Silver Prices?
In a bull market, there are systematically corrections of around -20% on gold and -30% on silver. The last bull market from 2001 to 2011 was no exception to this rule.
Gold Will Fall Hundreds Of Dollars On Its Way To $5000 - Be Mentally Prepared
The gold/silver ratio has hit resistance. As long as the line holds, this is a good sign, suggesting further PM downside should be limited.
Even If Silver Fell, It Wouldn't Alter The Huge Bullish Set-Up
Quarterly charts show the bigger trend.
The Funny Joke Of Central Banks: If Inflation Comes Back, We'll Be Raising Interest Rates
Even the central banks are looking at the return of inflation, that's who should alert all savers and investors around the world.
Gold/Silver Ratio Has Broken Down
Gold/Silver ratio has broken down - Gold rising, with silver rising even faster.
What If The Debt Doesn't Matter? Is This Realistic?
What if the explosion of its amount all over the world since the coronavirus crisis had no harmful consequences? What if we could even get rid of some of it without incurring any damage?
Silver Takes Flight
Silver is expected to break through $26 resistance in mid-August, before bumping into resistance at $27.50 and hanging off a bit. The level of $30 could be reached at the end of September, a deadline each year very important for the silver market.
Gold Price Hits All-Time High, And It's Not Over Yet
The immediate question is: will the price of gold decline as it did in 2011 or will it continue to rise? Forecasting is always risky, but the answer seems clear enough to us.
1 to 16 of 188 Posts
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