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We are a small group of investors who primarily invest our own funds in various trading opportunities. We first traded gold back in 1980 when our charts consisted of simple graphs updated manually on a daily basis for the calculation of moving averages, etc. These days you can find moving ... more


The Gold Bugs Index The (HUI) Takes A Hit
The recent sell-off in gold was followed by a sell-off of the gold producers.
Silver: Buy Now While Stocks Last
Rocketing Silver Prices Will Turbo-Charge The Silver stocks as the chart of silver shows it is coiled and preparing to go a lot higher form here and when it does it will be faster than we have ever seen before.
Gold Stocks After The Flash Crash
The fundamentals are good and the miners are making money and paying dividends, but the sentiment is against them, at least for now.
Silver Prices, FOMC, Options Expiry And The Reddit Phenomena
Silver prices have experienced a period of the volatility of late so today we will take a quick look at the possible reasons that could be driving such activity.
Gold And Silver Stocks Correction Almost Exhausted, Time To Buy
Today, we will take a look at the damage inflicted on this sector by the recent sell-off and try to ascertain just what lies ahead for the precious metals stocks involved in gold and silver mining.
In The Year 2025 If Fiat Currency Can Survive
Fiat currencies may not survive the near future so protect yourself now by protecting at least some of your buying power for your future needs.


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The Carnage In The Gold Sector Could Be Over
5 years ago

After such a battering we do tend to feel rather negative, but corrections are healthy even though they are hard to take.

My very humble opinion is that we are in a long term bull market for #gold and so I'm not selling any of my positions at the moment.

Go gently, Bob K

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