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Bitcoin Drops Below $19K, Is $11K On The Horizon?
A brutal day for losses is unfolding as Bitcoin crossed under its previous cycle high for the first time in history. The flagship crypto achieved a bear market first on June 18 as BTC price action gave up $20,000 support.
Bitcoin Price Looks Up At $43K, Where Will BTC Go This Week?
With a bit of a week of reckoning for its latest gains coming up, here is what may impact the bitcoin market and some of the forces at play that may help shape the Bitcoin price action in the next few days.
The Plague Year - America In The Time Of COVID
Are you breathless, exhausted from trying to understand and digest the events of the last year of Donald Trump’s presidency? Pulitzer Prize-winning author Lawrence Wright has written a wonderful account, The Plague Year: America in the Time of COVID.
Afghanistan Needs A Functioning Currency And Tax System
It all comes down to money at some point. Astonishingly, the Taliban might be able to sweep across Afghanistan in days and take Kabul without a fight, but the crisis that faces them now is securing access to a viable currency.
Mexico's Economic Growth Improves In Second Quarter
Mexico’s gross domestic product (GDP) grew at an annualized 6.1 percent in second-quarter 2021, faster than the first-quarter growth of 3.1 percent.
July 2021 Survey Of Consumer Expectations: Year-Ahead Inflation Expectations Hold Steady
Median one-year-ahead inflation expectations were unchanged at 4.8% in July while median inflation expectations at the three-year horizon increased slightly to 3.7% from 3.6%, its highest reading since August 2013.


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Betting On India
8 years ago
I am a foreigner who lives in India about 6 months a year. there is a theory that a ship runs smoother if all rowers are rowing in the same direction - even if it is wrong. At this point Rajan is the rower trying to move the ship in the opposite direction. It is significantly easier to slow an economy down than speed it up - in fact, i see no evidence from anywhere in the world that monetary policy can be used to accelerate an economy. Rajan's policies are a brake on the indian economy.
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