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E Market Briefing For Thursday, February 13
The coronavirus is the only issue of paramount importance for the moment. If the stock market is really rallying because of capital inflows from abroad and flight to safety buying (and it has), that's a temporary phenomenon but is not sustainable.
E Market Briefing For Wednesday, February 12
Market impact - from the coronavirus has been to thrust the S&P forward not backward, due to the fund flows from abroad, not just Fed liquidity or other funding (like buybacks, which are up for this stage of the year).
E Market Briefing For Monday, February 10
Pensive concerns limit enthusiasm - even as the political backdrop at least seems to have calmed a bit (with regard to Trump and a backlash against extreme leftist opposition prospects); while the virus remains very much a concern for the near-term.
E Market Briefing For Thursday, Feb. 6
Bipolar behavior - combines economic uncertainty over the nearer-term, with an acceleration of the epidemic into the pandemic status experts, have suggested forthcoming for days. What does the stock market do? Takes the S&P and Nasdaq to new highs.
E Market Briefing For Wednesday, Feb. 5
Mitigating risk - became instantly out-of-favor as China plus the Fed (it's unknown if any of that was coordinated) dramatically increased liquidity to the markets.
E Market Briefing For Monday, Feb 3
Once the epidemic (hopefully not pandemic) is resolved, there will be a lot of work to be done on rebuilding trust and of course, restoring travel and so on.


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Market Briefing For Monday, Nov. 4
3 months ago

You're right; it depends. I checked on my iPhone and they look fine. On my iMac (using Firefox) some setting prevented them opening. Thanks for your interest in my work. (full MarketCast with my videos less than half price for the 1st Quarter at our website this week only due to the Trader Show in Vegas... though you won't it noted). Just subscribe to Daily Briefing and we'll upgrade at no charge.

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Market Briefing For Monday, Nov. 4
3 months ago

Charts aren't opening automatically; however I don't post this directly. ALSO if you are attending the Trader Expo Show this week; I'm speaking (an open forum workshop) on Friday Nov. 8 at 1:30 pm (at Bally's Las Vegas). During this week we have a 'show special' so if you subscribe to our Daily Briefing we'll include the intraday MarketCast service at no additional cost for the first Quarter. Visit us at

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Market Briefing For Thursday, Aug. 2
1 year ago

P.S. This week ONLY prior to my departure to Brussels and Paris next week; all NEW Daily Briefing subscribers will be able to renew the ensuing Quarter and be refunded 100%. That means half price for the next six months; both due to reduced frequency of reports during my travels for 4 weeks, and during the most crucial time for this market. Visit to join us. This offer is this week ONLY and will not be repeated.

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Market Briefing For Thursday, Aug. 2
1 year ago

Gene is humble and proud to be the only guy not shorting and believing the S&P would go to the moon 'if' Trump won back in 2016. Now a bit more concerned but only from a cyclical not secular basis.

In this article: TSLA, SPX, VIX, GOOGL
Market Briefing For Monday, July 23
1 year ago

thanks Gary... I didn't mean to imply tariffs help; in fact with the G-20 removing a provision regarding 'competitive devaluations' in their communique today (I'm sure media will talk about it tomorrow, or should); you have greater risk of trade and tariff issues being joined by a currency war too. I'll touch on this and a single key market impediment at my Seminar here in Chicago tomorrow as I've already shared with our regular subscribers. Let me point out that I have NOT shorted this market once this year or last year; even as expressing concern after we got our 'to the moon' rally on Trump's election. I urged investors to separate political from investment views back then (Nov. 6 2016) and get in the market fully if he won; even if they hated Trump. Now we had the move; time not to be greedy even if it doesn't fall apart. The only two stocks I picked on the buy side at midyear are doing well by the way. Anyway I'm being chatty; working up to the speech tomorow haha...happy Sunday.

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Market Briefing For Friday, June 15
1 year ago

Do know we have a one-day (this weekend only) half-price Quarterly Daily Briefing subscription offer. We never discount; however due to an off-the-cusp offer I made in Las Vegas we have that today only. You won't see it on my website; just be assured if you subscribe no later than June 16 (Saturday); you will be rebated $80 of the $159. Daily Briefing subscription. There will be no follow-up offers forthcoming. Thanks and as we do not accept advertising; we appreciate investors and traders becoming members at

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Market Briefing For Monday, March 25
1 year ago

Enjoying the 'crash'... we first warned of 'crash conditions' underlying the market back on Jan. 25 and 26; and again when I spoke at TraderExpo in New Your a month ago. Just so you know, we are offering a 'rebate' coincidentally because it's Easter / Passover week. It's $30 for a Daily Briefing and $100. for MarketCast subscriptions and won't be repeated anytime soon. We only do this 3 times a year for new members at and in-addition you'll get the comments immediately not on a multi-day delayed basis (they are intended to be only excerpts here). Also I will be speaking at TraderExpo in Chicago in July; which will be well after the Crash has mostly run it's course...or as we'll outline along the way. Join us for the journey if you feel we've (in all humility) nailed this market; as we're not going to often permit full quotation of my thoughts in the future...Happy Holidays and please visit to join. Gene

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Market Briefing For Thursday, March 1
1 year ago

Just wanted to invite readers here to join us this week. (And please realize that my technical videos and further charts are only available in the full service.) As I spoke at the NY Trader Expo; there is a $50. rebate on new Daily Briefing subscriptions this week only if you indicated the word 'Expo' in the feedback window when subscribing at our website.

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Market Briefing For Wednesday, Dec. 13
2 years ago

We outlined our expectations for 2018's start in the full report. TalkMarkets is a good service; but is NOT allowed to quote us in-full. Please visit and join us as a regular Daily Briefing member. Happy Holidays.. Gene Inger

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Market Briefing For Monday, December 19
3 years ago

Well said and 'close' to what I've said to our 'actual' subscribers for several weeks. I wouldn't worry about 'Trade'; just avoid 'linear thinking' and recognize that China and Mexico realize things have to be renegotiated. As to the market; before the Vote I projected an extreme rally if Trump won; opposite of most forecasts. And now I have another view as we move into the new tax year. I appreciate your interest in my work; and reflections. (The comments here are usually required to be a day or two after shared with our subscribers and do not include my technical chart video analysis... I do appreciate the interest... happy holidays!)

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