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I’ve been analyzing markets since 2001. My particular field expertise is the metals market but I also cover the stock market, energy, the dollar, and euro again building my trading models around cycles analysis and sentiment. I’m an avid rockclimber. And national and world champion ... more


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Gold Dollar Update
My latest gold video update.
Where Is The Bubble Sentiment?
If this is a bubble like the perma bears like to believe, then explain to me where the bubble sentiment is.
Listen To What Gold Is Telling You
Gold did not make a lower low in September when the dollar broke out to new highs. That was the bell ringing that something had changed and gold is accelerating higher over the last several days even though the dollar is only down marginally.
The Perma Bears Are At It Again
The biggest gains come at the very beginning of a bull market (the baby bull), and at the very end of a bull market, once everyone finally becomes convinced the bull is for real.
The Sky Is Falling
For nine years now every time we have an intermediate degree correction the permabears crawl out of the woodwork and start screaming the sky is falling.
Miners On The Rise As Promised
Basically everything I’ve predicted is playing out exactly as I said, from the semi-crash in stocks to the recovery in metals. The only call that still remains to play out is whether I'll be correct that the dollar began a bear market in early 2017.
Inflation Is Starting To Heat Up
For years now analysts and the media have been trying to convince people there is no inflation despite central banks' massive quantitative easing programs. Of course this is ridiculous. They just choose to ignore where the inflation has manifested.
Gold: New Bull Or Same Old Bear?
There are two schools of thought right now, and both sides are convinced they are correct. The bullish case: Gold started a new cyclical bull market in late 2015. The bearish case: The bounce off the 2015 bottom, a counter trend bear market rally.
This Is What Gold Would Look Like If We Could Kill The Gold Cartel
The miners have completed a weekly swing and even though they are going to paint the charts for OEX I do think the miners have bottomed.
Dangerous Times
Dumb money always assumes a trend will continue indefinitely. But now isn’t the best time to keep chasing the stock market.
Failed Breakout?
This chart speaks for itself.
GDX Coil
During the formation of a coil, the market builds more and more energy as the price gets trapped in a narrow range.
Not Looking Good So Far
This was the spot where the dollar should bounce for a day or two. So far it’s looking very weak with no sign of a bounce.
Interest Rate Misconceptions
Contrary to what many people think the Fed doesn’t set interest rates. The short term market sets interest rates. The Fed follows what the market tells them.
Another 1.8 Billion
Something really big is brewing.
No Discipline
Find a system you can work with. Back test it to see if it produces gains over time. If it does then stick with it, and don’t give up just because it occasionally produces losses. All systems do.
1 to 16 of 292 Posts
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