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The Fed knew about the housing bubble before it burst but lied and said they didn't: Bill HR 1424 to buy bad paper (eventually called TARP) was introduced in March 9, 2007, before there began to be bad commercial paper from private subprime RE loans, in August.

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E Belt And Road: The Sri Lanka-China Port
Most nations embrace the Belt and Road Initiative in varying degrees.
E US Consumer Spending Flashes An Alarming Call To Action
It is not as if China and India, are wallowing in wealth. Most of the wealth remains in the USA. Almost everything that the government of the United States is doing is the exact opposite of what needs to be done to increase skilled employment.
E Roubini On India Growth And Status Of Asia Fusion
Emerging markets are going to drive world growth, and while China exports, Nouriel Roubini believes that the nations of India, Indonesia, Brazil and Turkey can grow faster.
E Recession Lurks. What Will The Fed Do?
Tim Duy warns of a recession and the need for the Fed to act quickly. That is not the historical way the Fed behaves. Will this leopard change its spots?
E Fed Will Crush Trumponomics And MMT - Bond Yields Capped
The Fed deals with Trump spending mania on the right (Trumponomics), and will do so if necessary, with Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) wanting to spend to oblivion on the far left.
E Is The Fusion Of MMT And The Green New Deal Creating A Cult?
The fusion of MMT with the Green New Deal compels followers of both to seek changes that will trample the rights of many.


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$134 Billion In Fiscal Flows Removed From The Economy In Just Three Days
10 hours ago

Why would someone wait this late to get a tax refund? Good info, though.

US Trade Deficit Boosts Growth Outlook
1 day ago

So we can't afford to buy Chinese stuff, and that means we are in growth mode?

Strong Real Incomes, Declining Minimum Wage Coverage
1 day ago

This is all good but inventory is piling up in the economy. Wages must not be denting that pileup right now.

U-Turn In Trucking: Cass Truck Shipment Index Down 4th Consecutive Month
1 day ago

Instead of a pileup in residential real estate like back in 2008, the pileup that poses risk now is inventory pileup.

Central Banks Soften Us Up For Higher Inflation
2 days ago

This is the five millionth warning that the Fed will allow inflation. I can't see how, with all the collateral vulnerable to the result of massive inflation, the need to raise rates to stop it. I don't see it. The tantrum boys want it. But, I don't think Fed officials are at all comfortable with it.

It Is 1% Capitalism That Is The Problem
3 days ago

Great article, and thoughtful. Certainly we are failing where China is succeeding. That communists can run capitalism better than the capitalists is certainly disconcerting. But it shows the weakness of letting the 1 percent write all the laws. Belt and Road is proof of what I say:

Things That Seem Normal But Definitely Aren’t: Soaring Chinese Debt
3 days ago

So, China is acting in a countercyclical way unlike the Fed has done all these years. Procyclical Fed behavior has done a lot more damage. China has to keep the factories running.

The Next Great Decoupling: AI Takes Control
3 days ago

I know there is a Utopean cult surrounding self driving cars. But they can't see in snow. They can't see where lanes are not strongly drawn. They cannot grasp cones. They cannot make high speed decisions. They cannot even operate at a 4 way stop. They cannot see so much. Humans can see.

In this article: GOOGL
The Next Great Decoupling: AI Takes Control
3 days ago

But those are narrow uses of AI. There won't be Hal driving on freeways.

In this article: GOOGL
The Next Great Decoupling: AI Takes Control
4 days ago

Ford said never. Misallocated investment?

In this article: GOOGL
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Gary Anderson Commented on $134 Billion In Fiscal Flows Removed From The Economy In Just Three Days:

Why would someone wait this late to get a tax refund? Good info, though.

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Socially Responsible Investing As Alex Jones Is Banned
Social investing practitioners would generally be in favor of banning someone who exhibits racial or ethnic hatred against whole groups of people. It is good to look at Facebook and at Google and compare the two with regard to social concerns.
Hitler Economics In The Age Of Trump
There is a case to be made for sovereignty and mutual respect of sovereign nations, but just not in the way that Trump has made it. There is a benign sovereignty and a belligerent and hostile sovereignty. Is POTUS very dangerous or Hitler-lite?
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Peter G. Peterson was a philanthropist for the wealthy, a reverse Robin Hood
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I focus here on Elon Musk, because he is likely the the most powerful cult leader in America, other than perhaps Donald Trump. Elon Musk seems to be able to make outrageous statements and still retain his followers.
Trump Administration's Strange Response To Ford Relocating To China
Trump Embraces Ford Focus production in China when it railed against them being produced in Mexico. Why is this?
It Is Getting Serious With POTUS: Deep State Versus Russia Connection
It appears that Steve Bannon is now courting favor of the White House. I wrote about how radical he is as he has espoused a libertarian economic agenda on steroids.
The Curse Of Trump Is In Cutting Back On The Poor
The United States is a prosperous nation. But attacking the poor is not the way to remain prosperous. It has been tried before with disastrous results.
Tourism And The Trump Letter To Renegotiate NAFTA
NAFTA renegotiations are unleashed. But Canada and Mexico are our greatest tourist partners.

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