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The Fed knew about the housing bubble before it burst but lied and said they didn't: Bill HR 1424 to buy bad paper (eventually called TARP) was introduced in March 9, 2007, before there began to be bad commercial paper from private subprime RE loans, in August.

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E Belt And Road: The Sri Lanka-China Port
Most nations embrace the Belt and Road Initiative in varying degrees.
E US Consumer Spending Flashes An Alarming Call To Action
It is not as if China and India, are wallowing in wealth. Most of the wealth remains in the USA. Almost everything that the government of the United States is doing is the exact opposite of what needs to be done to increase skilled employment.
E Roubini On India Growth And Status Of Asia Fusion
Emerging markets are going to drive world growth, and while China exports, Nouriel Roubini believes that the nations of India, Indonesia, Brazil and Turkey can grow faster.
E Recession Lurks. What Will The Fed Do?
Tim Duy warns of a recession and the need for the Fed to act quickly. That is not the historical way the Fed behaves. Will this leopard change its spots?
E Fed Will Crush Trumponomics And MMT - Bond Yields Capped
The Fed deals with Trump spending mania on the right (Trumponomics), and will do so if necessary, with Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) wanting to spend to oblivion on the far left.
E Is The Fusion Of MMT And The Green New Deal Creating A Cult?
The fusion of MMT with the Green New Deal compels followers of both to seek changes that will trample the rights of many.
E Modern Monetary Theory And Its Bad Assumptions
Modern Monetary Theory, or MMT, makes assumptions that are simply not valid. Modification is in order.
E Trickle Down Didn't Work For Trump, Bush And Hoover. Here's Why
Productivity is not growing because capitalists are not investing due to weak demand. Therefore, trickle-down cannot work.
E Capitalism: Problem, Solution, Or Both
There are problems with government and capitalist responses to the challenges faced by the economy. It isn't a problem of fairness, as Fox News would lead you to believe. It is about real demand and the health of the economy.
E Why Tariff War Success Will Bring Economic Damage
If a tariff war succeeded in improving the trade balances that the USA has with foreign nations, it would cause a shortage of Eurodollars. That would result in a slowing world economy. The real US economy GDP is only $5 trillion.
E Jim Cramer Slides To Dark Side On China Tariffs
The attempt to monitor China will turn out to be very damaging. If Trump is serious about this hard line, America will be the loser, as China is already losing and is making adjustments. We are in the first half, and a good coach makes adjustments.
E A GDPNow Chart Worth Watching
The chart is helpful as a current measurement, with no lag. How accurate it is going forward is important, because huge quarter upon quarter drops in investment could result in a recession.
E Meng's Arrest Vs. The Rule Of Law
Trade wars, even without arresting a key player like Meng, can contribute to all three results of economic shocks.
E Trump Blinked, The Fed Blinked And The Powell Put
There is nothing that Donald Trump can really do about Asian economic supremacy short of war. The Trilateral nations complain about lack of worker opportunity, meanwhile everyone who wants to work apparently is working in the USA.
E Are Policy 'Refugees' Jumping The Trump Tariff Ship?
Japan's Abe and Israel's Netanyahu have signaled more cooperation with China as both realize that Asia is where it's at economically.
E Trump Versus Powell: Who Is Right About Immigration?
Immigration is deeply related to Free Trade in judging the openness of a society. On that subject, Powell is very right and Trump is very wrong. Wage growth is still sub par, and the economy is hardly booming in a classic sense.
1 to 16 of 193 Posts
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