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If Super Bowl 50 Was Fixed It Wasn't Done By Cam Newton

Date: Tuesday, February 9, 2016 1:11 PM EDT

Was Super Bowl 50 fixed? Certainly it was not fixed by Cam Newton. He was as disappointed in the outcome as anybody on the field. His body language was not of one who wanted to lose the Super Bowl. Certainly, all participants in a game of this magnitude, with the amount of betting done both legally and illegally, have their behavior questioned after a questionable outcome.

While I  personally question Snopes when it comes to the website's assessment of causes of certain conspiratorial political events, it is helpful here in dispelling any rumors that Cam Newton and his family were arrested for fixing the Super Bowl. They were not arrested for fixing the Super Bowl! We have to look to others to see if there was a pattern of questionable behavior.

Certainly, we know that sporting events can be fixed. The Big Fix: The Hunt for the Match-Fixers Bringing Down Soccer is a book written by Brett Forrest, which explores soccer's betting scandals that have reached the highest levels of the game.

The easiest way to throw a game is to get to the officials. Now, let me say I have no proof whatsoever that any official in Super Bowl 50 threw the game. Bad officiating, or my opinion of what is bad officiating, is certainly not proof of conspiracy. There has to be independent confirmation of money changing hands, which is how most sports scandals are solved. My opinion is that at the very least, the game was poorly officiated.

It turns out that a Carolina player, Josh Norman, mentioned that the Panthers were playing two teams.  My personal opinion is that he was speaking of the first team being the Denver Broncos and the second team being the referees.

As I observed the game, there were 5 calls during Super Bowl 50 that could have been bad calls against the Carolina Panthers. These calls or non calls were all drive stoppers.

1. The catch by Jerrico Cotchery was assessed not to be a catch in the replay booth. It was ruled dropped on the field, but that was, in the opinion of the unofficial replay official in the booth with Jim Nance, a catch. Yet the official replay booth upheld the call that it was dropped.

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