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Billionaire Fascism Is On The Rise Risking Financial Instability

Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2016 1:34 PM EST

Update: Donald Trump is on video actively pushing the doctrine of the master race. He says he is genetically superior, and that his German blood is key. The video confirms much of what I have said in this article about people pushing the doctrine of racial superiority for their own political ends. Donald Trump believes the exact opposite of Americans who fought against the Master race in World War 2. I will give you the link to the video, but I don't want it to look like I want to profit from the link, so you will have to copy and paste it yourselves, into your browsers:

How much influence the bigoted billionaires have in the eventual meltdown of world civility and financial stability,  with the goal of a totally dominant empire is unknown, but it could be a huge influence. Here are three billionaires we need to look at:

1. Ihor Kolomoyskyi. This man has sought a fusion between Jewish people in the Ukraine and eastern Europe with right wing fascists. Most Jewish people in eastern Europe do not want to war against Muslims. They would prefer to live in peace. So, they have wisely rejected the bigoted billionaire, Kolomoyskyi. But his money and influence continue.

2. Sheldon Adelson. This famous owner and creator of the wonderful Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas has called for Donald Trump to go to Israel. He supports Trump, who has said the settlements on Palestinian lands should continue. Adelson himself has said that the Palestinians are not an occupied people. Chris Christie, who supports Trump, was forced to apologize for saying that the Palestinians were occupied.

Adelson seeks to stamp out the boycott movement against Israel. But with former Israeli officials calling the Israeli government fascist, that boycott movement will continue to look more and more righteous, as long as it remains a peaceful movement. This cannot be good for the economy of Israel going forward. Adelson continues to cling to the mistaken notion that the Palestinians were an "invented people". Most of the world does not hold to that view because it is a view representing colonization. More on the concept of invented people as we continue.

3. Donald Trump. Donald Trump approves of continued settlement building on what is left of Palestinian land. This is the same Donald Trump who has criticized and insulted almost everyone, including women, blacks, Mexico, Muslims, Asians, undocumented workers, fellow candidates, calling them ugly (Fiorina) and ugly eater (Kasich), etc.

This is the same Donald Trump who had nothing bad to say about the KKK, saying he didn't know enough about them. 

Here is a billionaire who has criticized almost everyone under the sun except for the KKK and Israel! I don't know if the Donald has put together the idea of fusing the KKK and Israelis to fight Muslims, similar to thoughts of Kolomoyskyi. The only thing holding that concept back is location. Yet that could be overcome through right wing and globalist websites dedicated to hatred of Muslims and blacks. Many of you know some of those websites. They represent the opposite of tolerance, a key value in our nation.

The world is incrementally becoming a more dangerous place. However, the fear and the increased destabilization danger are often manufactured by our own governments and our own politicians and our own billionaires. CNN has shown Donald Trump, for example, speaking to the issue of more 9/11's coming, warning that we should all be afraid. CNN is frightening us again.

This is exactly what Condi Rice did when she lobbied for our participation in the invasion of Iraq! She warned us of a mushroom cloud, remember? Of course, there never were nukes in Iraq, but that was hardly a reason for Rice to skip the opportunity to frighten Americans.

These events, and the behavior of the billionaires and their politicians, should be tracked carefully by anyone who has investments in stocks and bonds, and anyone who has a concern for world peace. It will be more difficult for the United States to support fascism abroad now that it is coming more out in the open for everyone to see. That is, of course, unless we come to support fascism at home by electing known haters to high office.

The concept of empire was put forward most forcefully by Cecil Rhodes, who succeeded in forcing  blacks to be driven off the land in Africa. Rhodes eventually established the Rhodes Scholarships with the primary goal of bringing Americans back into the fold of Empire.

Israel was founded by colonists and Herzl communicated with Rhodes. The Palestinians, then, were a real people with homes, villages, and property, in Palestine. Haaretz has even said 600 thousand were driven away from their homes. Even the Democrats have recently called for the concept of Palestine occupation to be part of the party's platform, as the Palestinians were sent back to Israel after being driven away, only to be confined to Gaza and the West Bank.

Israel is not the only westerm nation guilty of these crimes. It is the only western nation continuing these crimes. However, here are other colonial nations.

In Australia, the Aborigines were considered to be native wildlife, not even human, until 1967. They were almost eliminated by the Australians, and they had numbered 750 thousand.

And in the United States, blacks were considered less than human. Strange little people like Mike Huckabee, still believe that court ruling is the law of the land. He is wrong, but he represents empire.

It is a pattern of the Anglo colonists, all springing from the same source, Cecil Rhodes, who believed in a New World Order, to denigrate the native populations. The victims are either subhuman, or an invented people, as Sheldon Adelson has said. This Anglo centered empire building is still taking place in Israel.

Officials in Israel have labeled the fusion of Netanyahu's government with the extreme right wing, and Ehud Barak has called it fascism. In my view, this fusion was inevitable, because the goal of Ben-Gurion was world domination. He wanted a court of justice to govern all the nations, being located in Jerusalem. Those who want a more peaceful life in and for Israel are in the minority there.

As more and more Americans and citizens of other nations realize the brazen injustice of colonization, the BDS movement will gain steam. I reject violence against Israel. There is no rule that BDS must be violent!

Jewish people outside of Israel are not inherently supporters of empire. Many are not. Many just ignore Israel and go about their lives, as we see with the reaction to Kolomoyskyi. It is unfair to single the entire Jewish population out for the misdeeds of a cabal of globalists that is clearly multiracial worldwide.

Perhaps cooler heads will prevail in Israel, but the expansion into Palestinian land must stop. And much land must be given back to the Palestinians if we are ever to have real peace and cooperation among the nations. There is simply no other way. But billionaires are influencing the dark side of all this by seeking to agitate the circumstance. The outcome will be hurtful.

Israel can settle with the Palestinians, and that would neutralize Muslim anger to see the Palestinians prosper.

As for investors, balancing the strength and endurance of empire, with the erratic behavior of the bigoted billionaires, will be something to consider going forward.


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