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Anxiety Over Donald Trump Is Palpable In Main Stream Media

Date: Friday, December 16, 2016 5:56 PM EDT

Anxiety over Donald Trump as president is palpable in the main stream media. I believe there are legitimate and illegitimate reasons for this anxiety. And certainly the MSM is not the only place where anxiety is found. I believe many citizens have it simply because they cannot quite get their heads around what to expect from Donald Trump.

This anxiety could ultimately affect the stock market, and cause people to flee to bonds for safety.

But I have been reading article after article about the Russian hacking of the US election. It has become an avalanche of articles. Now, let's be clear, the Russians did not hack voting machines according to the FBI, and reported by USA Today. But the articles are trying to link Trump to directly knowing what the Russians were up to concerning Clinton's emails.

Well, I am not here to minimize this possibility. I simply don't know. I do know this, however: Hillary Clinton started the election wars when she stated that Putin's election was fake. Putin was in the news shortly after banning NGO's from foreign nations. He did so because Hillary Clinton's comments were immediately answered by mass protests in Russia. It was close to an attempted coup, and Putin has never forgiven Hillary over this episode.

The anxiety boils down to two issues for the main stream media and the neocons who exert massive influence over both political parties.

One is the issue of not trusting Donald Trump because of his connections to Russia. There is a growing dispute between Republicans on this issue. Democrats want to make this a political issue and they may or may not have a legitimate case. Neocons, like Robert Kagan, cofounder of PNAC with William Kristol, want a cold war with Russia and they hate that Trump does not seem to be willing to start that cold war. 

It is pretty obvious, that with the nomination of Rex W. Tillerson for Secretary of State, that big oil does not want a new cold war with Russia!

This would not be the first time big oil overrode the neocons desires. The neocons wanted big oil to own actual tracks of land in Iraq and big oil said no. That does not excuse big oil's role in that war, but big oil did not allow the privatization of the oilfields in Iraq. That is ultimately good for the people of Iraq although there may be many other reasons why big oil kept the oil fields public. There are at least two possible reasons why:

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