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E Jim Cramer Slides To Dark Side On China Tariffs
The attempt to monitor China will turn out to be very damaging. If Trump is serious about this hard line, America will be the loser, as China is already losing and is making adjustments. We are in the first half, and a good coach makes adjustments.
E A GDPNow Chart Worth Watching
The chart is helpful as a current measurement, with no lag. How accurate it is going forward is important, because huge quarter upon quarter drops in investment could result in a recession.
E Meng's Arrest Vs. The Rule Of Law
Trade wars, even without arresting a key player like Meng, can contribute to all three results of economic shocks.
E Trump Blinked, The Fed Blinked And The Powell Put
There is nothing that Donald Trump can really do about Asian economic supremacy short of war. The Trilateral nations complain about lack of worker opportunity, meanwhile everyone who wants to work apparently is working in the USA.
E Are Policy 'Refugees' Jumping The Trump Tariff Ship?
Japan's Abe and Israel's Netanyahu have signaled more cooperation with China as both realize that Asia is where it's at economically.
E Trump Versus Powell: Who Is Right About Immigration?
Immigration is deeply related to Free Trade in judging the openness of a society. On that subject, Powell is very right and Trump is very wrong. Wage growth is still sub par, and the economy is hardly booming in a classic sense.


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GDP Estimates Tumbling Due To Shutdown: Build A Wall And Crime Will Fall
17 hours ago

He may be catchy, but Trump is hardly a catch.

Tantrums And Tapers, TBAs And Mortgage Rates
1 day ago

The economy in some ways is in worse shape than 2013, but the counterparty derivative markets may be stronger due to the existence of clearinghouses. That allows bankers to sleep at night.

Currency War Combatant Capability Comparisons
1 day ago

Yes, this is an interesting article. World cooperation advances to offset the abuser, our very own nation!

Jim Cramer Slides To Dark Side On China Tariffs
1 day ago

Update 2: Larry Kudlow says no official meeting was cancelled, but that was not the issue. The issue is that the US rejected a Chinese outreach. Add this to continuing threats to Huawei's Meng, and we will have little chance for a trade deal. China will throw Canada into a recessionary position to add to this world turmoil.

In this article: DIA, MU
China’s Eurodollar Story Reaches Its Final Chapters
1 day ago

This scenario could happen, but, China has bounced back before. It signs onto the Eurodollar, but it doesn't sign on to Basel. It can rope a dope for a long time, wearing out the West. Time will tell.

US Rejects Chinese Offer For Preparatory Trade Talks; Stocks Slide
1 day ago

IP theft is what this is all about. That is why it is unlikely that there will be any agreement and the world economy will tumble. I hope I am wrong, but only if Trump blinks.

Jim Cramer Slides To Dark Side On China Tariffs
1 day ago

Update: The US has halted trade negotiations over IP issues. It is clear that the US is not interested in negotiating with China on trade. The US is taking a hardball approach and wants to humiliate China. Jim Cramer sided with Tech leaders in Silicon Valley who he says want the US to hammer out IP concessions. I wrote this is a very dangerous policy on the part of the USA and that it goes against Cramer's understanding that trade wars are bad and that Wall Street doesn't want them. Interesting to see how Cramer interprets this latest US roadblock to free trade. I think Wall Street should wake up but it likely is looking for soothing words from Jim and also from the liar in chief who said a trade war was likely, knowing it isn't.

In this article: DIA, MU
“Economic Laws Cannot Be Depended Upon If We Disregard Psychology…”
1 day ago

Nice pep talk. Key is how open we are going forward. Certainly Ahlsten was astute to point out that we still have immigration. But Trump is becoming an isolationist in many ways, including even legal immigration. The method of US success appears to be turned on its head by POTUS, so will we recover from it?

6 Stocks Set To Gain As U.S.-China Trade Tensions Ease
2 days ago

It looks likeTrump is lying. Things are not going so well in the negotiations.

Sectors Impacted Most By Wage Growth
3 days ago

This is good so far. Rising wages without inflation is a good thing. The issue is, though, how much of a drag on the economy will automation and AI bring in a downturn.

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Gary Anderson Commented on GDP Estimates Tumbling Due To Shutdown: Build A Wall And Crime Will Fall:

He may be catchy, but Trump is hardly a catch.

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Socially Responsible Investing As Alex Jones Is Banned
Social investing practitioners would generally be in favor of banning someone who exhibits racial or ethnic hatred against whole groups of people. It is good to look at Facebook and at Google and compare the two with regard to social concerns.
Hitler Economics In The Age Of Trump
There is a case to be made for sovereignty and mutual respect of sovereign nations, but just not in the way that Trump has made it. There is a benign sovereignty and a belligerent and hostile sovereignty. Is POTUS very dangerous or Hitler-lite?
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Trump Embraces Ford Focus production in China when it railed against them being produced in Mexico. Why is this?
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The United States is a prosperous nation. But attacking the poor is not the way to remain prosperous. It has been tried before with disastrous results.
Tourism And The Trump Letter To Renegotiate NAFTA
NAFTA renegotiations are unleashed. But Canada and Mexico are our greatest tourist partners.

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