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E Trickle Down Didn't Work For Trump, Bush And Hoover. Here's Why
Productivity is not growing because capitalists are not investing due to weak demand. Therefore, trickle-down cannot work.
E Capitalism: Problem, Solution, Or Both
There are problems with government and capitalist responses to the challenges faced by the economy. It isn't a problem of fairness, as Fox News would lead you to believe. It is about real demand and the health of the economy.
E Why Tariff War Success Will Bring Economic Damage
If a tariff war succeeded in improving the trade balances that the USA has with foreign nations, it would cause a shortage of Eurodollars. That would result in a slowing world economy. The real US economy GDP is only $5 trillion.
E Jim Cramer Slides To Dark Side On China Tariffs
The attempt to monitor China will turn out to be very damaging. If Trump is serious about this hard line, America will be the loser, as China is already losing and is making adjustments. We are in the first half, and a good coach makes adjustments.
E A GDPNow Chart Worth Watching
The chart is helpful as a current measurement, with no lag. How accurate it is going forward is important, because huge quarter upon quarter drops in investment could result in a recession.
E Meng's Arrest Vs. The Rule Of Law
Trade wars, even without arresting a key player like Meng, can contribute to all three results of economic shocks.


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MMT And Its Fictional Discipline
10 hours ago

Helicopter money would be far safer and easier than MMT.

A Balanced Budget
1 day ago

Austerity from time to time could help, but continual austerity like we see in Europe is a total failure.

Retail Sales Growth Disappoints In December 2018
1 day ago

This must be what winning looks like. Or not.

US Inflation Heads Higher, When Will Rates?
2 days ago

Capacity utilization is creeping up towards 80, which was the average for much our national history. The question is, when will it cause serious wage inflation to be a threat. It may push up against recessionary pressures before that time.

When Money Is No Longer Artificially Money
2 days ago

Interesting rant. Worth the read. Of course, Dec 2018 only shows manufacuring productivity growth. We still don't know what total non farm productivity growth is. There are some coming out to work who stopped looking in the low growth years of 2014 and 2015. But wage growth for this mini recovery are historically low, except for durable goods. This is still the New Normal, Peter.

Surge In Auto Loan Delinquencies: Auto Loans In High Gear
2 days ago

Low wages and low productivity growth make these easy money delinquencies expected. If Fed economists are surprised they prove Jeffrey P Snider's position that the Fed has no clue about this economy.

The Dog Ate My Eurozone Recovery
2 days ago

The US is navigating the dangerous waters of a global trade war with aplomb? Seriously? Only if a deal that is half way meaningful comes out soon, with no other tariffs on Europe, etc. Otherwise, the stock market will not feel aplomb.

ZIRP At 20; The ZLB Is A Trap, But Not The One Central Bankers Think It Is
2 days ago

Since it is considered dirty to just pump money in without offsetting sterilization in Japan, nothing happened, no inflation at all.

US Farm Belt Bankruptcies Climb, Canada The Beneficiary Of Trump's Trade Policy
2 days ago

From Mish: Trump's trade policies have been an unmitigated disaster.

And: The US has trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, and recession hasn't even hit. Unfortunately, the most likely way the trade deficit drops is via an import demand collapse in the next recession.

Trump's deal will be like the deal he made with Korea. It won't be a win for America. It won't bring business to our shores, except on the edges. Maybe some high end production. Wages are too high here in comparison to China. That can't be changed by any deal.

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Gary Anderson Commented on MMT And Its Fictional Discipline:

Helicopter money would be far safer and easier than MMT.

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Socially Responsible Investing As Alex Jones Is Banned
Social investing practitioners would generally be in favor of banning someone who exhibits racial or ethnic hatred against whole groups of people. It is good to look at Facebook and at Google and compare the two with regard to social concerns.
Hitler Economics In The Age Of Trump
There is a case to be made for sovereignty and mutual respect of sovereign nations, but just not in the way that Trump has made it. There is a benign sovereignty and a belligerent and hostile sovereignty. Is POTUS very dangerous or Hitler-lite?
Peter G. Peterson Turned Entitlement Into A Bad Word
Peter G. Peterson was a philanthropist for the wealthy, a reverse Robin Hood
The Cult Of Tesla's Elon Musk
I focus here on Elon Musk, because he is likely the the most powerful cult leader in America, other than perhaps Donald Trump. Elon Musk seems to be able to make outrageous statements and still retain his followers.
Trump Administration's Strange Response To Ford Relocating To China
Trump Embraces Ford Focus production in China when it railed against them being produced in Mexico. Why is this?
It Is Getting Serious With POTUS: Deep State Versus Russia Connection
It appears that Steve Bannon is now courting favor of the White House. I wrote about how radical he is as he has espoused a libertarian economic agenda on steroids.
The Curse Of Trump Is In Cutting Back On The Poor
The United States is a prosperous nation. But attacking the poor is not the way to remain prosperous. It has been tried before with disastrous results.
Tourism And The Trump Letter To Renegotiate NAFTA
NAFTA renegotiations are unleashed. But Canada and Mexico are our greatest tourist partners.

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