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Gail Tverberg is a researcher on subjects related to energy and the economy. Her background is as actuary, who did financial modeling for insurance companies, so she brings a different perspective to the question of how limits of a finite world affect the economy.

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Why It (Sort Of) Makes Sense For The US To Impose Tariffs
As long as the world economy is growing rapidly, it makes sense for countries to cooperate with each other.
The Climate Change Story Is Half True
The climate is indeed changing. But the world economy has no real option of using significantly less energy, because the economy tends to collapse when there isn't enough.
The True Feasibility Of Moving Away From Fossil Fuels
One of the great misconceptions of our time is the belief that we can move away from fossil fuels if we make suitable choices on fuels.
A Different View Of Venezuela’s Energy Problems
Venezuela seems to be the canary in the coal mine with respect to where oil exporters are headed. Other countries will want to push them out of oil production, so as to try to raise prices for themselves.
Have We Already Passed World Peak Oil And World Peak Coal?
Most people expect that our signal of an impending reduction in world oil or coal production will be high prices. Looking at historical data, this is precisely the opposite of the correct price signal
EC How The Peak Oil Story Could Be “Close,” But Not Quite Right
What is right about the Peak Oil story, and what is misleading or wrong? Let’s look at a few of the pieces.
2019: World Economy Is Reaching Growth Limits; Expect Low Oil Prices, Financial Turbulence
Energy markets have been behaving in a very turbulent manner in the last couple of months.
EC Electricity Won’t Save Us From Our Oil Problems
Almost everyone seems to believe that our energy problems are primarily oil-related. We have no guarantee of being able to preserve either the oil system or the electricity system.
EC HH Low Oil Prices: An Indication Of Major Problems Ahead?
Low oil prices and low prices of other commodities are signs that we truly should be concerned about. Too many people have missed this point.
Why We Get Bad Diagnoses For The World’s Energy-Economy Problems
The world economy seems to be seriously ill. The problem is not overly high oil prices, but that does not rule out energy as being a major underlying problem.
The World’s Fragile Economic Condition – Part 2
We should expect financial problems if energy consumption stops growing sufficiently rapidly. In fact, a global sell off in the equity markets, such as we have started to see recently, is one of the kinds of energy-related impacts we would expect.
EC The World’s Fragile Economic Condition
In recent years, countries have found ways of creating GDP growth, without adding true value.
EC How Energy Shortages Really Affect The Economy
We should be more concerned about low oil prices than high because we live in a world economy with huge debt bubbles.
EC The World’s Weird Self-Organizing Economy
Why it is so difficult to make accurate long-term economic forecasts for the world economy.
Eight Insights Based On December 2017 Energy Data
If China expects to maintain its high GDP growth ratio as a manufacturing country, it will need to keep its energy consumption growth up.
Our Energy Problem Is A Quantity Problem
Total world energy consumption has risen quickly over time.
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