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AMC Falls After A Volatile Day On Wall Street
The American cinema chain AMC dropped by 40% on Wall Street this Thursday after doubling its value the day before. It coincided with another outbreak of volatility among a group of shares linked to memes and social networks.
Jeff Bezos Leaves His Position As CEO Of Amazon
In a surprise statement, the Amazon founder has announced that he will step down as CEO of the company this summer. He will leave the company to dedicate himself to more personal projects.
China Rising To The World’s Largest Economy In 2028
According to the Center for Business and Economics Research, China will overtake the United States as the world’s largest economy in 2028, five years ahead of schedule.
Drug And Energy Shares Prop Up European Stocks
The Stoxx Europe 600 index managed to edge up Friday, showing a jump of 0.2%. In total, that brings the index up 0.8% since the start of the week, demonstrating a solid December start.
The Crypto Sector Is Filled With Dead Projects
Since the spread of Blockchain technology, several thousand cryptocurrencies have launched. Only about 30 currently have any investment interest.
Bitcoin – The Best Treasury Reserve Asset Humanity Has Owned
Most companies are founded with hopes that they will live for a long time. It makes sense to look at how investments can change over a hundred years, as a person can accumulate wealth destined for heirs or even causes such as climate change.
Italy And The Purchase Of Its Stock Market By Euronext
Italy sees the purchase of its stock market by Euronext as strategic.
Tech Companies Gun For Zoom; Video Conferencing Race
At least for the time being, the new normal happens in videoconference.
Tesla Recalls Employees At Fremont Amid Pandemic
Electric car manufacturer Tesla asks its employees to return to work later this week to resume production in Fremont, California. Managers of the company asked dozens of its workers to report to duty by April 29 according to news reports.
Alibaba Boosts Cloud Services, Investing $28 Billion More
Earlier today, tech giant Alibaba announced that it is investing $28 billion in its cloud computing unit due to demand surge. The company highlighted that it’s a crucial division that will help its future growth outlook.
Rice Prices Climbed To Its Highest In 7 Years
The cost of rice, a staple food for many countries in South-East Asia, is at its highest point in 7 years.
Coronavirus Aftermath Bound To Create New Consumer Habits
The new generation that will rise from the Coronavirus aftershock will likely be more inclined to save more and spend less rather than invest in the stock market, financial experts say.
U.S-China Trade Deal Is A Disaster
World economy experts gathered in the recently concluded World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland consider the U.S-China phase deal a strategic error and the birth of an economic disaster.
U.S. Oil Drillers Drop Rigs For Record 12th Month In A Row
U.S. oil rigs that are operating for a record 12th months in a row are set to reduce by U.S. energy firms. This week is in the sixth week of cutting rigs as producers cut spending on new drilling.
Safe Assets Move Up As The U.S. Weighs In On Chinese Goods
As Washington and Beijing started the week with another round of the tariff battle, the Yen strengthened significantly. This improvement is, as more investors move for safe-haven assets with a new twist in the trade war.
E-conomic News From Singapore
Singapore is one of the most developed countries not only in Southeast Asia but around the world. Its GDP per capita is more than $103,000. But the global economy is slowing down as the trade war continues.
1 to 16 of 22 Posts
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