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Eric Basmajian is an economic analyst providing analysis on macroeconomic trends both domestically and globally. Marrying a diverse background, with a degree in economics and experience at a quantitative hedge fund, Eric has developed a unique methodology to forecast major economic inflection ... more

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Is Your Portfolio Suffering From The Coronavirus Outbreak?
The outbreak of the Coronavirus has re-introduced volatility back into the market and back into most investment portfolios. 
Despite "Valuation Hawks", Utilities Continue To Be The Market Leader
Utilities continue to surge ahead, rising over 30% over the past 19 months since the turn in direction of global growth.
The Treasury Rally Is Set To Continue - Here's Why
Another week has gone by with another slew of research notes, TV pundits, and media talking heads declaring the Treasury rally to be overdone, exhausted and nearing a top.
EC Bonds Are Up Nearly 40% In The Past 9 Months - There Is Still More To Go
While most media and analyst attention has shifted towards the equity market and the ldeclines in stocks, the more profitable move has been in the Treasury bond market.
You Can Fight The Fed, But You Can't Fight The Cycle
Is buy and hold the right strategy? When the economy turns lower, do you have to suffer through 40% losses in order to adhere to the Buffett disciples suggesting to just keep buying stocks?
Cycles Matter
The most important factor regarding your asset allocation is the economic cycle.
1 to 6 of 6 Posts