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Pure Energy Minerals (HMGLF), Access to 2 Cutting-Edge Technologies, a Force to be Reckoned With

Date: Thursday, December 3, 2015 7:30 AM EDT

The fact that Pure Energy is able to engage in meaningful interactions with POSCO & Tenova Bateman is testament to the quality of its Clayton Valley South project and stage of exploration / process development. In coming years, the technologies emerging lithium producers chose to incorporate into flow sheets will make or break them. Next decade, brine harvesting and conventional hard rock mining will begin to fall by the wayside as superior technologies come to fruition. I liken this situation to events in the uranium sector where In-Situ Recovery techniques have made substantial inroads at the expense of conventional hard rock mining. POSCO & Tenova Bateman are leaders in paradigm shifting technologies. Both companies are cutting their teeth on Clayton Valley lithium brines and brines from a few other projects including Western Lithium’s Cauchari-Olaroz in Argentina. ASX listed Orocobre Ltd. recently announced it has entered into an MOU with Tenova Bateman for that company’s Argentinian lithium project.

Tenova Bateman’s LiSX technology [Awesome video here]

Get ready, an attempt will soon be made to illuminate these two groundbreaking (actually neither breaks ground) technologies. A detailed, technical assessment is beyond the scope of this article. Essential in understanding what each technology is tasked to deliver, is understanding the shortfalls of brine harvesting and hard rock mining. Each suffer from a number of challenges; large upfront capital outlays, long operating cycles, (brine), inferior recoveries, unattractive environmental footprints, energy intensity, operational inflexibility and weather related risks. The new age of technology promises to cut operating cycles to hours, be greener and less energy intensive. Commercial scale recoveries are expected to be 99.9%, leading to lower, more predictable operating costs and far less waste (virtually no tailings).  

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 9.44.58 AM

Tenova Bateman’s LiSX technology achieved spectacular results at bench scale with 100% Li extraction at robust puritylithium chloride solution (>99.9%). The company continues to conduct Pre-Feasibility level design work on Pure Energy’s Clayton Valley. Tenova’s LiSX solvent extraction technology is effective on a much wider range of lithium containing material. Quote, from a Tenova Bateman marketing brochure,

“Tenova Bateman Technologies offers advanced solvent extraction solutions and proprietary technologies for the mineral and bio-process industries, complimented by in-house laboratory and pilot plant facilities….” “Aqueous feed solution is mixed with customized solvent in which lithium ions are preferentially absorbed, loading the organic solvent with lithium. The loaded solvent is separated from the aqueous brine and stripped of lithium by adding an appropriate acid, producing a lithium salt and barren solvent to be recycled / reused.” 

“In salar operation, waste streams are suitable for re-injection, eliminating environmental impacts. The LiSX process is fully effective on aqueous solutions containing lithium concentrations as low as 20 ppm, with recoveries in excess of  99%. The LiSX process is versatile and can be rapidly reconfigured to produce different lithium end-products at exceptionally high purity.”

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