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At Elliottwave-Forecast, we offer 24 hour coverage of 52 instruments from Monday – Friday using Elliott Wave Theory as primary tools of analysis. We provide Elliott Wave chart in 4 different time frames, up to 4 times a day update in 1 hour chart, two live sessions by our expert analysts, ... more


S&P 500 And DXY Performance In US Election, What To Expect This Year?
Every four years the elections arrive in the United States and the performance of the most important health indicator of the financial markets, the S&P 500, is reviewed again. In recent years, the S&P 500 has been well above other indices worldwide.
GDXJ Correction Maybe Completed
Gold and related Index such as Gold Miners Junior (GDXJ) may be ready to make the next move higher.
First Solar Inc. Priming An Explosive Move
Another sector that has really taken off since the March low is Solar Energy. This sector is hot, and trying to find value in a sector that has already had an explosive move is tough to do.
Gold Correction Lower Taking Place
Elliott wave view for Gold suggests that the correction lower approximately towards $1801- $1669 area or a deep test of the 24 September 2020 low should be taking place.
Google Made A Good Reaction Higher From Blue Box Area
In this technical blog, we are going to take a look at the past performance of 1 hour Elliott Wave Charts of Google in which, the rally from 24 September 2020 low unfolded as an impulse structure.
AUDUSD: Trading The Impulse Wave Three
Every trader that uses the Elliott Wave theory as part of their trading analysis knows that the strongest and longest of an impulse wave pattern is the wave three. On October 8, we advised that the AUDUSD pair was forming this impulse wave pattern.


CL Colgate-Palmolive Co.
DAX Recon Capital DAX Germany ETF
DIS The Walt Disney Company
GOLD Barrick Gold Corporation
NFLX Netflix Inc.
OIL iPath B S&P GSCI Crude Oil TR ETN
SBUX Starbucks Corporation
USD ProShares Ultra Semiconductors
USO United States Oil Fund, LP
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Penn Virginia Corp ($PVAC) Getting Ready To Bounce?
Another blog on a great looking Energy producer.  Yes, this sector has been under a strong bearish trend.  But, there are some names that have better structures than others.  Penn Virginia Corp chart has a great technical chart. 
Elliott Wave View: Silver (XAGUSD) Correction May Extend
Short term Elliott Wave View in Silver (XAGUSD) suggests that cycle from August 7 peak is unfolding as a triple three Elliott Wave structure. In the 60 minutes chart below, the metal ended wave ((X)) ((X)) at $25.57.
$FXY Longer Term Elliott Wave Cycles
$FXY Longer Term Elliott Wave Cycles Firstly the $FXY instrument inception date was 2/12/2007. The instrument tracks changes of the value of the Japanese Yen versus the US Dollar.
Elliott Wave View: ASX 200 Looking For Support
Short term Elliott Wave View in ASX 200 (XJO) suggests that cycle from September 22, 2020 low is in progress as a 5 waves impulse structure. In the 30 minutes chart below, Index ended wave ((2)) of this impulsive move from September 22 at 5779.6.
GOOGLE Found Buyers At The Blue Box After Double Three Pattern
In this technical blog we’re going to take a quick look at the Elliott Wave charts of  GOOGLE stock ( $GOOGL)  published in members area of the Elliottwave-Forecast .
Gold-To-Silver Ratio Suggests Further Upside In Precious Metals
Government and corporations around the world continue to accumulate unsustainable debt. Since it's unthinkable for developed countries such as the United States to default on the obligation, the only way out of this situation is to continue to debase currencies.
Bitcoin Rallies 34% Since September. Will The Rally Continue Or Fail?
Bitcoin has been rallying for the last few weeks and this week it managed to make a new high above August 17, 2020 peak. The low seen on 8th September 2020 was $9825 and this week's high is $13235 which makes it $3410 and equates to 34.7% rally since 8th September 2020.
$NOKIA : Telecommunications Mammoth Nokia To Rise Again
Nokia is a Finnish multinational telecommunications, consumer electronics and information technology company. Founded 1865, it is headquartered in Espoo, Finland. Investors can trade it under the ticker $NOKIA at Nasdaq Nordic OMX and at Euronext Paris.

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