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The Lumber Market Is Hot And Sexy Again
The skyrocketing price of the lumber market right now is adding substantial costs to the budgets of homebuilders in America, and forget about any of these costs being properly hedged.
GameStop Stock And Market Analysis
It is patently obvious that GameStop is not trading on the fundamentals as a company, and generally it is a good idea to sell into strength as a trader, especially in a stock with shaky fundamentals.
Observations And Lessons From GameStop
If you have been hibernating until today, here are the basics behind the recent market casino in general and GameStop in particular.
Facing The 2021 Money Storm
The big talk among economists and central banksters and some politicians in 2020 has shifted toward how the Coronacrisis will (or “must”) result in a global financial/social reset.
When Is The Right Time To Take Out A Business Loan?
With SMEs looking to improve their financial standing, founders often wonder when might be the right time to take out a business loan?
Why You Should Start Investing In The Ecommerce Industry
Although most tech-savvy investors are putting their capital into markets such as cloud computing and virtual reality, e-commerce offers an impressive amount of investment opportunities.


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Rising Crime In America
There are always unintended consequences for various actions and policies. One such consequence of the COVID-19 lockdown strategy is that crime and murders have increased rather significantly around the country.
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There are a great many tips and tricks which you can use to maximize how much money you are making from your cryptocurrency investments.
EIA Oil Report Analysis
In this video, we discuss the EIA Weekly Petroleum Report, along with fundamental, structural and technical aspects of the oil market and oil futures market.

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