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E.B. Capital Markets, LLC was founded by Todd Campbell in 2003. 

E.B. Capital Markets' unique approach blends the best of technical and fundamental research.  Our research identifies stocks likely to impact returns.  We comb through over 1800 ... more


E Best & Worst ADRs - Tuesday, August 4
The top-ranked sectors are healthcare, technology, and industrial goods..
E Best & Worst ADRs - Monday, July 27
The top-ranked sectors are industrial goods and healthcare. Technology and consumer goods score average.
E Best & Worst ADRS - Monday, July 13
The top-ranked sectors are healthcare, technology, and industrial goods. Financials, consumer goods, services, and basics are neutral. Utilities rank below average.
E Best & Worst ADRs - Monday, July 6
The top-ranked sectors are healthcare, technology, and industrial goods. Services, financials, and consumer good rank neutral.
E Best & Worst ADRs - Monday, June 15
The top-ranked sectors are consumer goods, technology, industrial goods, and healthcare.
E Best & Worst ADRs - Monday, June 8
The top-ranked sectors are technology, consumer goods, industrial goods, and utilities.


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Small Cap Best & Worst - Turkey Day Edition
4 years ago

Thanks for your question. Our small cap ranking includes companies with market caps at inclusion that were below 2 billion and includes ADRs, such as the ones you mention. It is a small cap, rather than a U.S. domestic, report. Our ADR report is issued every Monday. Our large cap report is issued on Tuesday. Our mid cap report on Wednesday. And our small cap report is issued on Thursday. The report is generated from a portfolio of more than 1,700 equities and includes virtually all the institutional quality names portfolio managers tend to traffic in. Additional insight into the methodology is available at www.ebcapitalmarkets.com, including a podcast overview.

ADRs Best & Worst Report - November 23, 2015
4 years ago

Thanks for your questions. The ADR universe is primarily based on the components of the MSCI EAFE index. Additional names, including those in Canada, have been added at the request of our institutional client base. Many former ADRs became OTC to avoid regulatory compliance post Sarbanes Oxley. Sector allocation is based on common industry practice (aerospace fall into defense, carmakers fall into consumer, etc). You can see this evidenced by other sites, including Yahoo!Finance, that get their feeds from industry service providers, such as Capital IQ. For consistency purposes, companies are (generally) allocated to the country they are incorporated in (ie. Bermuda).

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PFE Pfizer Inc.
TEVA Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Limited



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